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IDT 501

IDT 501 Final Project for Shannon Pritting

Shannon Pritting

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of IDT 501

Coherence MIT's Library Site Uses Jargon Sparingly
Clear Phrasing Used Throughout: Experts, Ask Us/Tell Us, Help Yourself
Phrasing is clear and invites participation.

Inclusiveness MIT's Libraries use various technologies to "make you feel part of a community of activities with which you are familiar and on friendly terms" (Cooley, 2000, p. 68).
News and Events Linked to Blog
Google Customization
Syndicated New Books Lists
Links to Personalized information on Staff using LibGuides
Invitation to "Tell Us" and "Suggest Purchases" and participate in the library.

Purpose MIT Libraries serve multiple purposes, and their website provides several good tools and "encourage" users to go beyond the purpose.
Pointers to other tools such as Google Gadget.
Libguides/pages on how and why to use technology.
Although MIT Libraries' site is inviting and has great content, it does not have the "possibility to mold the situation to suit, to pick-and-mix and sculpt the environment to suit one's one instrumental needs, aesthetic tastes, and craft traditions" (Cooley, 2000, p. 68) MIT Libraries provides content for groups of users, not individual users. Transcendence MIT Libraries' website has a primary goal of function. The site is a portal to services, information, and resources, but it doesn't connect to the macro level ideas that make up a library. MIT has many iniatives such as the open access initiatives that could be featured to enhance transcendence.
Human Centered Design Analysis
of MIT Libraries Website Central Ideas
Function and Simplicity inhibits Higher-Order Learning and Unique Customization.
The more content the site must provide access to, the more difficult it is to have human centered design. Human Centered Design Principles MIT Libraries' Site does not fulfill.
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