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Song of Solomon Background and Allusions

No description

Hanna Yokeley

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Song of Solomon Background and Allusions

Allusions Biblical themes Most important female disciple to Jesus
First person to see Jesus after his resurrection
Morrison could perhaps be representing the inner strength of women in spite of their limited roles in society Magdalene called Lena Means “flight”, “stranger”, and “servant”
In the Bible, she bears a son to Abraham because his wife is incapable.
After the baby is born, Hagar is thrown out of the household. Hagar “Captivating”
Had lots of love for her son, Jacob
Went to great lengths to provide for him Reba “Their names. Names they got from yearnings,
gestures, flaws, events, mistakes, weaknesses. Names that bore witness” (Morrison 330). Meanings of Names The vast majority of the African Americans were illiterate because they primarily focused on their survival possibilities during slavery.
Macon Dead Sr.’s inability to read made him to possess the name “Dead” because of the drunken union soldier.
Skin tone is also significant. Slavery and Racism By: Christina Bignotti, Nikki Chen, Sherry Ann Joseph, Katherine Shin, Tealeyona Shorts, and Hanna Yokeley
Period 2 Allusions and Historical Background of Song of Solomon Pilate: Is able to fly without ever lifting her feet off the ground
Daedalus and Icarus: Daedalus made wings for him and his son, Icarus. He warned Icarus about the dangers of flying, but Icarus didn’t listen to him.
Circe: Enchantress’s name in Odysseus that helps Odysseus find his way home.
In the novel, Circe provides Milkman with crucial information that reconnects Milkman with his family history, and his past to his future.
Hansel and Gretel: Try to find their way home but end up at the home of a witch. Mythological Notes Novel deals with themes that have been in existence “since Bible times.”
Biblical book celebrates human love and sex
Sex in the Bible is not shameful but instead represents a physical and spiritual connection and union.
The significance of romantic love has also been an important theme throughout human history.
Ruth secretly meets with her dead father
Corinthian’s love for Porter Themes Means “friend”
Known for her obedience, devotion, and loyalty
Loving and concerned with the well being of others
After her husband died, she went to care for his mother. Ruth Written by Apostle Paul
He founded a church in Corinth, but later found out that his church was corrupt with immortality and pride
Rampant misuse and misunderstanding of spiritual gifts
Lack of love!
Written in an attempt to restore the church back to its proper foundation First Corinthians Governor of Judea
Brutal administration
Said to have recognized Jesus as innocent regarding charges of him threatening the Roman dominion over Palestine.
However, Pilate still had Jesus beaten and crucified in response to the crowd's wish. Pilate “Peace”
Son of David
Considered a major Prophet
Known for his wisdom, wealth, and power
Subject of many later legends
Parallel to how Solomon in the novel is highly renowned and honored due to his flight back to Africa. Solomon Old Testament book
A romantic account between a man and a woman
Very poetic and detailed
Celebrates human and earthly love
Lacks obvious religious content, but has been interpreted as a parable of the relationship between either God & Israel or Christ & the human soul. Song of Solomon
(Song of Songs) 1) Ruth Dead is the traditional wife who is forced to stay home to: cook, clean, and nurture her family.
Submissive: she’s characterized as a vulnerable character who longs for attention & affection from her peers, especially from a male figure.
2) Pilate Dead on the other hand is the complete opposite from Ruth Dead.
She’s rebellious Masculinity Juxtaposition Time period’s customary belief was “the male in the family is superior.”
Stereotypically, men are the dominant gender and women are to be submissive and accommodating to the men. Masculinity Post World War I
After the Great Migration many blacks moved from the North to the South.
Killing of Emmett Till Historical Notes Milkman as a Christ Figure Born under unusual circumstances
Spends a lot of time in the wilderness
Goes through a sort of rebirth (resurrection)
Fulfills a life purpose and is then able to fly
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