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No description

Yordanos Feleke

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of THE GODESS


By: Yordanos Feleke
Period 4/8
April 30,2015
Traits and Characteristics
Artemis was always known to
carry her bow and arrow with her. She
was the goddess of the hunt. She would
usually spend her time in the forest with wild animals and was very independent. Artemis was proud and almost never succumbed to love. She was very vengeful and headstrong. Artemis is what we would call a proud goddess..
Artemis had a small family.
Her father was the king of the gods
Zeus. Her mother was a titan named Leto.
Her brother was Apollo the god of
the sun,prophecies, and music.

Where Artemis lived
True, Artemis lived on Mt. Olympus
but she spent most of her time in the wandering
through the forests. She hunted on shadowy mountains.Artemis danced through the groves. That is
where she preferd to be. Living life in the wilderness.
Artemis felt she could not be beaten. She protected hunters that vowed to live a life of chastity. Artemis terribly feared the python that Hera had created out of jealousy of Leto. It was created to kill them (Artemis and Apollo). Artemis loved a man she met in the woods named Orion. They became friends and gradually became more than friends. Sadly their was no time for that
because he was killed.

Once upon a time Artemis walked through the forest trying to hunt a deer. A couple of hounds went and killed it for her. She looked to see whose hounds they were only to see Orion. Artemis wanted to become his hunting companion. And they became great friends and later on even more than friends. When they were on the verge of telling each other how they felt. Apollo began to notice them. One day while Orion was out swimming at sea, he called Artemis over and said "I bet you can't hit that object over there. Orion was far out so she couldn't see him. Artemis to proudly aimed and shot him. Soon Artemis realized her mistake and wept over his body after he washed ashore.
In conclusion I think that people worshiped Artemis because she was brave
and fierce. I enjoyed researching about this solitary goddess! Thank you for your time and for listening to this presentation :)
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