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A Penny in the Dust Analysis

No description

marlee wiebe

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of A Penny in the Dust Analysis

A Penny in the Dust by Ernest Buckler
By Marlee, ELA 20.

It doesn't say a specific place or date but it absolutely is from a long time ago.
The only thing they really say about the landscape is "sun-stilled fields."
The penny is the symbol in this story. it symbolizes the father-son relationship.Before his father gave him the penny, all he found was dirty ones (resembles the relationship before the penny, distant) after the father gives him the shiny penny i think it signifies that the father wants a better relationship. When the father takes the penny back i think its that hes accepted the new relationship.
Plot & Conflict
Climax was when the son told his father about the penny, they built suspense around Peter telling his father things in fear of sounding foolish. "If my father hadn't have been there, i might have told her."
Conflict was internal, it seemed to be a battle with himself to open up about the penny (Boy vs. Self)
I predicted that afterwrds, they cherished their relationship more, just like you cherish a newly found lost item.
In the first 2-3 paragraphs you learn that he is fun loving (crazy) but he is a lot deeper than just that. "You were a crazy kid werent you?" I was. But there was more to it than that.
Father seems to be a big part of his life. The penny is special because it's shiny but also because his father gave it to him
Peter is a dynamic character because he does make some change. At first he is always worried about looking foolish in front of his dad but then he breaks through and tells his dad why he was hiding, regardless of what he thought. Father is static, he shows the same characteristics througout the whole story; Distant, simple and doesn't seem to know his son very well.
The whole story is actually the recollection of a memory from when the narrator was a child.

The vocabulary they use is really old: "I was makin' I was findin' gold." "Makin' out that i bought you a mowin' machine.
Both of the characters are quite plausible, its simple a story about a father son relationship. A relatable one at that.
It didn't seem that there was a direct motivation stated plainly but an indirect one could be that he was wanting a closer bond between the two of them.
A few inferences i made was that you can tell they love eachother even though the father is distant and closed off, they don't really understand each other and maybe with the distant relationship they have they feel awkward around one another.
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