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Winger by Andrew Smith

No description

Nairoby Manriquez

on 15 December 2014

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Transcript of Winger by Andrew Smith

By Andrew Smith

Ryan Dean West
- Ryan is a 14 year old boy at a boarding school called Pine Mountain he is a Junior, which means he skipped two grades. He's a very smart kid but not very extroverted. He is in love with his best friend Annie Altman who is two years older than him (a junior).

Protagonist and Antagonist
The protagonist in this story is Ryan Dean West, because this book is all about his struggles in his first year of boarding school, and dealing with his emotions (which are actually really funny).

The antagonist in this story is Fear, because it's the only thing that keeps Ryan Dean from coming out to Annie (his love) that he is in love with her.
This story takes place in the present and in a boarding school called Pine Mountain where "rich kids" go!
Character vs Character- In this book their are loads of examples on character vs character one of them is Ryan Dean against JP, who used to be very good friends with Ryan until JP started having an interest for Annie.
Prezi by: Nairoby Manriquez

Smith, Andrew, Winger, New York City, Simon Schuster, 2013
Joey Cosentino
- Joey is one of the funniest characters in the book. He IS very extroverted and makes jokes all the time. He becomes one of Ryan's best friends and confides in Ryan way too much.
Society vs Self- This is probably the main conflict the whole story, because all of his feelings are against him and so are some of his friends.
Theme- Don't be afraid to do something and just go for it.
The climax of the story is when Kevin (rugby player) gets stabbed in the shoulder right after Ryan's team won the rugby game. This is the climax because you never expect it and it's such a terrifying moment that you don't know whether Kevin will be OKAY or if he dies, and the worst part is that this happens at the end of a chapter where an ambulance arrives and it leaves you hanging on whether he died or not.
Ryan Dean West!
Boarding School!
Figurative Language
Simile- "For some stupid reason, I wanted to say thanks to her, like she'd lifted the curse or cast some spell over Annie (page 357).
Onomatopoeia- "And he'll think everything is so steady and predictable and then BAM! . . . (page 411).
Hyperbole- . . . I figured all I'd need to do was publicly out Casey Palmer, then the entire state of Oregon, minus Annie Altman and Joey Cosentino, would want me dead (page 359).
Personal Critique
I would give this book a 10 out of 10, because it is by far the best book I have read and the funniest. I really liked this book because it was funny and easy to read in terms of comprehension. I think lots of teenagers can relate to Ryan's internal struggles.
The ending of this book was not disappointing at all. At the end Ryan expresses his feelings for Annie and Annie does to. Than during a dance Ryan apologizes to all of this ex-friends he hurt.
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