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How to Defeat Senioritis

No description

Olivia Suner

on 23 March 2017

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Transcript of How to Defeat Senioritis

Step 4: Pay attention in class, all grades count!
When arriving to school and getting to class:
Get rid of the distractions (ear buds, phone)
Quit daydreaming!
Neatly take notes (forces student to pay attention)
Ask questions
Step Five: Use an agenda; Do not Procrastinate
Wrap it Up:
T: How to defeat Senioritis

A: Second semester seniors

R: Humorous & Informative

P: Give seniors tips on how not to be lazy and possibly succeed.

S: Directive process analysis.
Step Two: Shower! (You Stink)
Most seniors have days--->don't take a shower--->10 more minutes to sleep!
How to Defeat Senioritis

Step One: Get out of bed!
Symptom of Senioritis: Morning lethargy
Includes difficulty waking up
Hitting snooze multiple time
Puffiness under the eyes
Looking like a zombie when awake in the hours before 10 am.
Step 3: Eat a healthy breakfast, chubs
After showering:
Make some breakfast
Here is why: Breakfast is a critical meal:
Influences every dimension of the human beings during the day
Trigger mental performance
Make sure that the body is paying attention to instruction
Healthy breakfast = healthy mind
Repeat cycle everyday until graduation-----> makes a successful senior
By Olivia Suner and Rylie Hagerty
This will help high school seniors regain their drive and ambition to finish high school successfully.
According to Urban Dictionary:
Crippling disease
Strikes high school seniors
Over excessive wearing of sweats
Lack of studying
Repeated absences
Dismissive attitude.
The best way to get out of bed?
Putting your alarm clock or phone across the room
You'll be forced get up and not roll out of bed 1 hour late for school.
Chances are:
Seniors will probably smell for the rest of the day
Showering helps people wake up in the morning:
When you smell good and look good, you'll feel good!
Throughout your day:
Write down homework
Write down after school activities
It will help a person stay motivated and organized
Without it:
Feel overwhelmed
Less motivated
Get Out of Bed
Pay Attention
Do Not
Do not procrastinate:
Sooner the homework is worked on the sooner it will be done
Don't wait until the last minute: WORK HARD & STAY FOCUSED
It's that time of the year where seniors being to give up and lack motivation. They start to develope something called Senioritis.
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