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Engage the World: Libya

No description

Sarah Debbek

on 27 October 2017

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Transcript of Engage the World: Libya

By: Sarah Debbek
Official Name
: Libya
: Tripoli (Tarabulus)

: Libyan Dinar (1 Libyan Dinar=0.80 US Dollars
About Libya
: North Africa.
: Mediterranean along coast; dry extreme desert interior
: 1,759,540 sq. km (Size of Alaska! approx.)
: 6,733,620
Traditional Clothing
Libyan-Arabic traditional dress
The Amazigh traditional dress (Naloot the West Mountain)
Assaraya Al-Hamra "The Red Castle"
Built by the Romans
One of the city's ancient symbols
Benghazi the spark - the second largest city, located in East Libya
Cleopatra Basin
Sousse- East Libya
The "Bride of the Mediterranean"
Tripoli at night
Ra's Al Helal
On the Mediterranean Sea
"The Green Mountain"
Spring in Libya..."Misurata City"
: Islam (Muslim)
Ethnic Group
: Arabs, Imazighen, Tuareg, African
: Arabic (Offical), Amazight, Swahili, Tamajaq
Government Type
: Operates under a transitional government
About Libya (cont)
7th Century BC
Phoenicians settle in Tripolitania in western Libya
6th Century BC
Carthage conquers Tripolitania
4th Century BC
Greeks colonize the east of the country. which they called Libya
74 BC
Romans conquer libya
643 AD
Arabs under Amr Ibn Al-A's arrived to Libya
16th Century
Libya becomes part of the Othoman Empire
Italy conquers Libya. Omar Al-Mukhtar begins 20-year insurgency against the Italian rule.
Libya becomes independent under King Idris Al-Sanusi
Feb. 2011
Colonial Qaddafi held power after a military revolution. Ruled the country for 40+ years
The Libyan uprising against the Qaddafi's regime.
Tawaraq Traditional dress.
Ghat- South Libya
The Beautiful Sahara Desert
Built by the Romans in Leptis Magna
Garboroun Lake
One of the rarest lakes on earth
Location: South Libya
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