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The impossible knife of memory

No description

Serena Wurmser

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of The impossible knife of memory

What I learned about PTSD
There are many things I learned about PTSD. Before this project, I didn't even know what PTSD was. Now I know that PTSD is common in people who have been in or seen war(s). I also know how bad it is. Overall I have really learned a prodigous amount about PTSD!
My Books Disability
The disability in The Impossible Knife of Memory is post-traumatic stress disorder. The main character (Haley)'s dad has it. He got the disorder after he returned from the war in Iraq.
How the c
struggled with PTSD
Haley's dad struggled with post-traumatic stress in many different ways. One of the most common ways that he had problems with was he would suddenly change personalities. One example from the book was once he was fighting Haley and he threw her cell phone in a bonfire then the next minute he was very apologetic and he didn't even remember doing it.
Work cited
The Impossible Knife of Memory By Laurie Halse Anderson
Report by
Serena Wurmser

Criteria for one
to be Characterized with post-traumatic stress
There are a few requirements before the person is diagnosed with PTSD. The first one is they must have been exposed to or witnessed death, serious injury, and/or sexual violence. Then after that there might be Intrusive thoughts or memories, Nightmares related to the traumatic event Flashbacks, and also feeling like the event is happening again. The victims may also try to avoid thoughts or feelings connected to the traumatic event and try to avoid people or situations connected to the traumatic event. Many people who have PTSD suffer through Memory problems that are exclusive to the event' Negative thoughts or beliefs about one’s self or the world, Distorted sense of blame for one’s self or others, related to the event, Being stuck in severe emotions related to the trauma (e.g. horror, shame, sadness), Severely reduced interest in pre-trauma activities and, Feeling detached, isolated or disconnected from other people. A few last criteria are Difficulty concentrating; Irritability, increased temper or anger; Difficulty falling or staying asleep; Hypervigilance; and Being easily startled

Some strate
ies used to lessen the sy
ptoms of PTSD
One of the strategies used to lessen the symptoms of PTSD is trying to avoid triggers. Some techniques used to do that are Mindfulness, Relaxation, Self-soothing, Grounding, Expressive writing, Social support, and Deep breathing
The strate
ies used by the c
Haley's dad really didn't try anything to get rid
of the symptoms.
One More Thought
One more thought I have on this part of the project is that I'm very glad we had to do it because if we never
has the project, I wouldn't have had a chance to
learn about PTSD
The story takes place in Haley's dads hometown. She lives in her grandma's old house. She attends school at Belmont High. The book takes place in the current century through the school year. The author doesn't say anything detailed about the setting overall.
Haley Kincaid
Andy (Haley's dad)


has been home schooled for 5 years
A former soldier who returned from Iraq with PTSD
A boy that goes to Haley's school who winds up dating Haley.
Haley's friend who's parents fight a prodigious amount.
A person who used to date Haley's dad before she ran away.
The plot of The Impossible Knife of Memory is that after 5 years on the road with her dad, she's finally returning to her dads hometown. Everyone hopes she can settle down and live a normal life after she moves back, but things are complicated because her dad has Post-Traumatic Stress and is making no effort to recover from it. Then at the end of the book Haley stops her dad from committing suicide and then he recovers from PTSD and Haley goes to college.
The main conflict in the Impossible Knife of Memory is Haley's dad's constant struggle with PTSD. On more than a dozen occasions, Haley has had to clean up after her dad and cover for him.
I had a very hard time trying to figure out the theme of the story but after a while, I narrowed it down to 2 themes. The first one is romance. The second one is action because sometimes there are scenes when Haley's dad goes crazy.
Sentence Frames
I think that the title of the book is really a symbol for how hard it is for anyone to really let go of a painful event in their memory because after reading the book, I realize that that is the central topic of the book.
I noticed that the author tried to make the book cheerful even though the topic is the exact opposite of that and that makes me think that even in the worst situations there can be something nice that comes out of it.
When I see the the phrase "I suddenly freeze and very slowly turn around" I realized the author put it in there for irony because it shows how Haley thinks of that person.
The author is using words like impossible and never and I think she is doing that to show how much the characters mean it.
I am seeing a pattern in how every time something good in the book happens, something worse follows that and I think this connects to the thme because it jumps around so much.
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