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Physical Education welcome 2012-13

Rules, procedures, etc

Joe Weaver

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Physical Education welcome 2012-13

Welcome to the Balls Creek Elementary
Physical Education Program
Mr. Weaver - Physical Education Teacher
I was born in 1983
I have a wife named Erin and a 17 month old son named Jackson
My wife teaches fifth grade at Claremont Elementary
We have 2 dogs (miniature schnauzers)
Favorite sport team- New York Yankees
Professional goal- inspire students' love for physical movement and wellness
Personal goal- never stop learning
Fire drill/emergency
Silence! Order!
Put equipment down
Line up on South black line (near the PE office
Exit building quickly and quietly
Stand in designated area (on the track)
Listen for directions
Tornado drill/warning
Silence! Order!
Put equipment down
Report to the stage
Get on the floor in "egg position"
Remain quiet
Listen for directions
Lock Down
Silence! Order!
Put equipment down
Line up quickly and quietly on South black line (near the PE Office)
Walk with teacher to desginated area
Listen for directions
Playing by the rules...

1. Dress appropriately (wear tennis shoes)
2. Enter and exit gym quietly
3. Freeze, look, & listen
4. No horseplay
5. Absolutely NO food, drink, candy, or GUM

1. Leadership opportunities
2. Student of the week/month award
3. Help with equipment

1st offense - Warning
2nd offense- Five minute penalty
3rd offense- Sit out for remainder of class/note home to parents.

Innappropriate attire- Sit out for entire class/note home to parents
Fire Drill, etc.
Entering & exiting
Finding partner
Conflict resolution

*Do not bring coats/jackets to the gym
*Turn in any notes or forms to the teacher
*Sit on assigned dot, ready for warm up


*Put equipment back
*Change shoes if necessary
*Stand on assigned letter given by teacher
*Keep body and other personal belongings to your self
*Count to 5 - walk
*Prepare to enter hallway
P.E. partner

*Randomly drawn, assigned by teacher, chosen
*Approach another student
*Ask "Would you like to be my partner today?"
*Answer "Yes, thank you." or "Thank you for asking but I would like to be with someone else today."
*Find space away from other students and sit down.
When someone bothers me

*Ignore him/her
*Tell him/her to stop
*Tell the P.E. teacher and/or the P.E. assistant when number 1. and 2. are not working
To solve disagreements

*Ask others for help
*Game solution: Rock, Paper, Scissors

*Be physically active at home for at least 30 minutes everyday
*Involve as many family members as possible
*Run, walk, ride bikes, throw/catch/dribble/kick a ball, throw a frisbee, jump rope, dance, MOVE

*Use the bathroom before or after class
*In case of emergency-
-ask the teacher for permission

*Participation in P.E. is mandated by law
*Only doctor can excuse a student from long term participation(3 days or more)
*Parent can write an excuse from class in case of common illness such as: flu, diarrhea, etc
*In case of sudden illness student can receive excuse from nurse
Tennis shoes (NO flip flops, crocs, flats, heels, heelys, cowboy boots, sandals, etc)
Shorts and/or pants (worn on the waist)
NO dresses (unless shorts are on underneath)
Reason: SAFETY
Signals and Commands
To start:
- Ready, GO!
- Music starts

To stop:
- Freeze
- Music stops
- Whistle

*You may NOT get water during class
*Homeroom teachers will allow you to get water on the way back to class from PE

*Pain is humans' natural protecting mechanism
*After minor incident, pain only lasts a few minutes
*Inform teacher if pain is severe and lasts long time
*Report every case of bleeding
*Do not touch another student's blood
Mrs. Deal - Physical Education Assistant
I have been at Balls Creek for 27 years
I was married in 1991 to David
I have 2 children....Hayden and McKenzie
I have a dog named butterscotch
Favorite sport team- Red Sox
Hobbies - going on vacation with my family
Why P.E.?
Physical Education benefits students in the following ways:

> Increases fitness levels
> Develops and encourages creativity
> Develops positive self-esteem
> Improves motor, social, and emotional skills
> Increases muscular endurance, strength, and flexibility
> Increases body awareness
> Improves academics
> It is FUN!!
Events to look forward to this year...
Skate night
Swim night
Kids Marathon
Turkey Trot
Hoop Shoot Contest
Jump Rope for Heart
Fitness test
T.V. free week
Field days
and much more!
Let's have a GREAT year!!

H - High Expectations
O - Others Matter
O - Outstanding Respect
T - Think Safety

- Running Club
For grades 3-6. We will meet on Tuesday and Thursday after school. This club is for students who are serious about running and would like to participate in 5K's and other running events during the year.

- PE Club
For grades 4-6. We will meet on Monday after school until 5:00pm. This club has an application process and only 32 students are chosen to be a member. The club will learn juggling, rope jumping, and unicycle skills. We will perform at various colleges and universities during the winter months.
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