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Invasion of Afghanistan

No description

Lacy Uken

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Invasion of Afghanistan

The Soviet Invasion of
Kai Dornel and Lacy Uken December 24, 1979- February 15, 1989 Where is Afghanistan? landlocked country in
South-Central Asia South Asia, Central Asia,
Western Asia Pakistan in South and
East, Iran in the West,
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
and Tajikistan in the north,
and China in the far northeast.
Geography Mujahideen Why were the Soviets in
Afghanistan? December 24, 1979- Leonid Brezhnev arrived without combat gear
and disguised as technicians May 15, 1988 February 15, 1989-Mikhail Gorbachev domestic burden and international
embarrassment for Moscow US fresh from fighting Needed help fighting against Mujahideen army Funding from Wilson elected in 1973 trip to Pakistan aid and weapons Tennessee Mules electronics Why did the war happen? The Soviet's Vietnam War deteriorated relationship
between USSR and Afghanistan Russia claims to have been
invited into Afghanistan Hafizullah Amin shot and replaced
by Babrak Kamal Hafizullah Amin Babrak Kamal Why is the US still in Afghanistan? Find Osama bin Laden
and other Al-Qaeda
members destroy Al-Qaeda remove taliban regime less than 100 Al-Qaeda
members left Hamid Karzai to discuss
a peace initiative Political Cartoon Trivia Questions 1) What was the Mujahideen? 2) What was the name of
the man the gave the Mujahideen
millions of dollars worth of supplies in
order to defeat the Soviets? 3) Why were the Soviets even in
Afghanistan? Works Cited http://www.whycenter.com/why-did-russia-invade-afghanistan/
http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_in_Afghanistan_(2001%E2%80%93present
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