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Jon Bellion - The Beautiful Mind Prezi

A brief presentation of the life and Works of Jon Bellion

Sean Myatt

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Jon Bellion - The Beautiful Mind Prezi

Born in 1990, raised in Long Island, NY
Written and presented by Sean Myatt
Translations Through Speakers (2013)
Not your average hip-hop/R&B artist
Growing Up
He later dropped out of college to pursue his solo career in production, performance, and songwriting.
Jon Bellion
and his Beautiful Mind
But do you know about
the man behind them?
First started producing music late in high school.
Attended Five Towns College in NY where he met many who helped him develop his sound.
The Separation (2013)
The Definition (2014)
What's He Up To?
Currently resides in NY where he produces in his own studio.
Writes and produces for some of the biggest names in the music industry (including Eminem and Jason Derulo).
Signed with Visionary Music Group - founding artist.
Just wrapped up an international tour where he played sold out shows in 23 cities.
Recently featured in Magazine.
Musical Signatures
"Dilla in the pocket, but it's so Paul Simon..."
Vocal Percussion
Drum Pockets
Topics include love, loss, homesickness, success, failure, family, questions about the future, and simply being human.
Draws inspiration from real and relatable situations.
Thank You for Listening
The Beautiful Mind Tour
23 Cities.
23 Shows.
All Sold Out.
Recognize these?

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Being a positive influence; an luminary
Staying humble and true
Friends and family
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