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lithium ion battery

by cameron

Cameron Brown

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of lithium ion battery

by:cB Materials Acquisition- Materials processing- Production- -putting the product in the box, bag, plastic, or, container to get ready for selling and/or distribution. -the brainstorming,preparing or planning of the battery. -Getting the materials ready for use. -Actually making the battery into a battery. packaging- lithium battery Design- When the product is actually used. Distribution- Transporting the product to where it needs to go, weather it be to the store, to you, or to another transportation. -Getting the materials from the source. Lithium ion batteries were made to hold a better charge than a regular battery. Materials
-magnesium oxide
-magnesium cobalt
-aluminum oxide zinc aluminum oxide The materials can not be processed the way they are so they need to be made into a use able form. The materials are used in producing the final product- the battery. energizer lithium battery in package. 18 wheeler The batteries can be shipped all over thew world for people to use. Use The battery is used to make electricity. plane Reuse,Recycle,Disposal When the user is finished with the product it can be either reused, recycled or disposed of. REuse-when the product is used again in the same way. REcycle-when it is made into something new. DISposal-when the product is thrown away and dumped into a landfill to just sit there. Dendrites can grow within battery cells and could cause short circuits, significant heat and even fire. fun fact dendrites can grow when a 787 has several flights, "everything's going fine and suddenly" there's a fire. Boeing 787
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