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coniferous forest prezi

No description

brian johnston

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of coniferous forest prezi

coniferous forest conifers by: sandler johnston conifers are trees with cones and needle leaves.Their trees include pines,firs,spruce,and hemlocks. biotic the level of biodiversity is high in the coniferous forest plants:larches,birches,poplars,small shrubs,algae,fungi,lichen, the conifers make up three layers:canopy the top layer.understory the middle layer and ground level. biotic (continued) animals:great horned owl,rattle snake,the pacific tree frog just to name a few abiotic abiotic factors:mountians,heat regulation,small amounts of sun light,soil grmsbiomes.pbworks.com extremely cold during winter climate very warm during spring/summer not burning hot but not below zero cold sources pictures by pbworks.com and 123rf.com food web shrubs tree grass/mosses
lynx insects birds moose/elk squirels fox owl
skunks wolves decomposers worldbuilders.org
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