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Business Deck 7/20/16

No description

Ma R

on 3 August 2016

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Transcript of Business Deck 7/20/16

Established September 2015
AR Children's Book Platform
Our product secured our client a deal with Stan Lee's Kid's Universe
Feb 2016
Apr 2016
1st Client
More daily active users than
Mixed Reality Comics
Use our design research to create launch title experiences for consumer Mixed Reality hardware
Adoption of Consumer Mixed Reality
Which is necessary research & development to produce quality content in new media
Accruing Recognition in
Film and Game Development
Our Vision
A 5 year history of working together
Our History
Each asset pushes a
track of Mixed
Reality gaming
Aug 2011-
Aug 2015
Sep 2015
Jun 2016
Accepted into Intel Developer Mesh Program
Oct 2015
Founded with a focus
on Mixed Reality
Mixed Reality
Comic Book Development
Endorsed by Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool
Secured deal to produce Mixed Reality Mobile App for the "Monkey King"
Launching Summer 2016
Begin Production
Each game we put
on the market is a
growing asset
As growth peaks we
begin growing new
assets and building passive income
The Well Told Road Map
Trade secret
Like the Microsoft Hololens or Magic Leap Devices
Raised 1.2 Billion in fundraising
Microsoft expects 80 million mixed reality devices to be sold by 2020
Phase 1
"it was not the reality of artificial reality that surprised me most. It was how social it is. The best experiences I had in VR or MR involved at least one other person. More people made it better. In fact,
just a few more people made it exponentially better.
Peter Yang
The Power of MR Mulitiplayer?
We want to bring unique
multiplayer mixed reality
game experiences to popular IP's
Raised Pokemon's valuation 12 billion one week after launch
Over 10 million downloads in the first weekend
- http://www.businessinsider.com/pokmon-gobigger-than-tinder-overtake-twitter-similarweb-data-stock-price-nintendo-niantic-2016-7
A multiplayer game experience utilizing comic books
"Create your own comics"
Social Media Sharing
Replay Value
Characters & Narrative
Opening the Comic Book
Multiple Mobile Games
Explore The Comic!
Focus on simple/intuitive UX design
Create a growing experience
Stories are the heart of social experiences
Expanding gameplay and stories
Unlockables and Social Quests
AR as a tool for expanding narratives and relationship with RPG's
(Or Graphic Novel)*
Hidden Narratives
Digital Ambassadors
Cinematic Realizations
Expanding properties
Familiar Brand with Hardware Expansion
Contact Us
Matt Rebong

Janice Varney-Hamlin

Immersive Experiences
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