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Maria Mitchell

First woman astronomer

Kimberly Duncan

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of Maria Mitchell

First Woman Astronomer
She named her
own comet Maria Mitchell Childhood Education Librarian and Astronomy Awards Maria's Comet Other Awards Maria was born on August 1, 1818
in Nantucket, Massachusetts

She was third child of ten children

Her father was the principal at her school

Her father taught her about astronomy at their house. In 1836, Maria became the Librarian
for Nantucket.

She read all the books she could read.

At night, she would watch the sky with
her telescope.
Her father had built an observatory on top of the bank where they lived. On October, 1, 1847, Maria discovered a comet. She was only 29 years old.

1st person in American History
Used only a small 2 inch
telescope. Recieved a Gold Medal from King Frederick of
Denmark for finding Miss Mitchell's Comet.

First woman elected to the American Association
for the Advancement of Science
and the American Philosophical Society.
Was even the President of both of these.

(men did not like this because women did not
have many rights during this time period) Quote 1st Woman elected to the Amercian
Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1848.

No other woman would be elected to
this for the next century
(that is 100 years!)

Led one session of the Women's Congress "I can not expect to make you astronomers, but I do expect
that you will invigorate your minds by the effort of healthy modes of thinking."

~Maria Mitchell Went to Peirce's School for Young Ladies

At the age of 17, Maria opened her own school to train girls in science and math.

She became a college professor Telescope Observatory
at their house Kailey Duncan Maria Mitchell Research
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