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Thomas Russo M1 The Middle Ages 500-1400

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Debra Goldstein

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Thomas Russo M1 The Middle Ages 500-1400

Leonin was born in 1150 in France and died in 1201. He was a polyphonic composer. He lived and worked at the Notre Dame cathedral and all that is known of him comes from his writings. His music consisted only of voice, him and two or three people would sing in harmony together.
Perotin was born in 1200 in Europe and was also called Perotin The Great. He was the most famous member of the Notre Dame School of Polyphony. He performed Organa and Gregorian Chant. His work is preserved in the Magnus Liber(the great book of early polyphonic music.
Moniot d'Aras
He was born in 1225 in France and was a composer and poet. He sang monophonic music that was very religious. His most famous song was "ce fut en mai" Not much information was recorded on him.
Similar Current Day Music
Middle Ages
The Middle Ages helped influence all the music we listen to today. It provided the first type of music and was a building block for more types of music to come in the future like music from the Renaissance era. Artists like Lonin and Perotin were very important to music history and are remembered for their great work today.
There is very little music related to gregorian chant from the middle ages but organ music sounds a lot like it. The organ music has no vocals like gregorian chant. They both use very few instruments like the single organ. The music was very slow paced in both the organ music and gregorian chant.

Thomas Russo M1
The Middle Ages 500-1400

The Middle Ages
The Middle Ages lasted from 500-
1400. Some famous people of the Middle Ages were Marco Polo,
Joan of Arc, and Robin Hood. The Fall of The Western Roman Empire and
The Battle of Hastings were two important events that occurred
during The Middle Ages.
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