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Alf By Katelyn

No description

M2K Kids

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Alf By Katelyn

What are we doing??????
Let us venture into the life of Alf!
Feelings and Thoughts
Alf feels tingly when he touches the trunk in chapter two. Then on page 14 someone mentions the Sea Devil, and that makes Alf quiver. This shows that Alf is not very fond of the Sea Devil. He may be thinking that is a very bad place.

Alf's Sayings
This is Alf!
Alf's Traits
Alf has many glorious traits. For example, through out the book Alf is very inquisitive about the trunk. His feelings for the boys show that he is very tenderhearted. Meeting the Mulasks Alf was very brave and acted very head strong. Alf has a colossal personality in my opinion.
has new friends,
and are very

Alf takes his debut on page eight. Alf and Mack are loading on trunks when Alf asks " Are we done then?" The story of Alf then begins.
The story of Alf
At the end of the selection Alf is crying when he is leaving the island. He is crying because he loved the boys and did not want to leave them. Alf is thinking of them like family. They are probably the closest thing he has ever had to a real family.
Alf's weakness is how he gets so focused on one thing that he becomes very absentminded with the world around him. In chapter two Alf puts all his focus on the trunk.Mack had to yell at Alf to get his attention.But overall, he does not have that many disabilities.
Alf did a couple important things. On page 16 Alf lets go of the trunk. This is important because he has just witnessed the amount of *power* the trunk has.
On page 262 Alf is trying to communicate with the Mulasks. He is very nervous and raises his hand and speaks.
When Alf and the boys are captured by the Mulasks, Alf tries to speak to them. Alf raises his hand and says "How." Alf is trying to spare their lives.The tension rises. The man named Fighting Prawn says how then puts Alf way on edge. Eventually Alf finds out the man speaks English then the Mulasks take over.
In chapter two, in the first five pages, Alf is handling the trunk. Alf asks Mack, " Do you hear those bells?"His hands are on the trunk. This is very important because this is the first time any of the characters experience the power of the trunk.
Alf is a tall man that lives on the Neverland. He has a wart on the side of his nose that is as big as a mushroom! Alf is on the tall side. Some people would call Alf a old crusty sea dog. But looks are not everything,look at who he is on the inside.
In chapter 2 it says:
Lives in Willowick
Lives on ships (currently the Neverland)
Has a big family
no family members at all
Goes to school
goes to work
Hard worker
Hard working student
Thank you for listening!

This prezi was brought to you by the creators of
Peter and the Starcetchers.
I would have to say that Alf's main strengths are how sweet yet strong willed Alf is. Alf took care of the boys in the jungle. But, Alf could handle his own if they got into any trouble.
When Alf was talking to Fighting Prawn,Fighting Prawn said that Alf means squid poop in their language.
Funny things
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