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Korean 5 Stones Game (Gong-gi)

No description

heejin kim

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Korean 5 Stones Game (Gong-gi)

LET 'S PLAY " GONG-GI " Korean 5 Stones Game This game has 5 steps.

You use 5 stones and when you fail,
give a turn to your partner.

Plan A : complete 1,2 step

Plan B : Complete all the steps Basic Idea STEP

Spread all stones on the floor.
Pick one and toss into the air &
Grab another new one on the floor
& Catch the original one in the air
Spread all stones -> Pick one on the floor
-> Toss it into the air & grab "one"
on the floor at the same time.
* 4 Times (1 - 1 - 1 - 1), then eventually
there should be nothing on the floor. STEP Pick one -> Toss it into the air -> grab "two" at a time. * 3 times (2 - 2 - 1) STEP STEP Toss one into the air & grab "three" on the floor
at the same time * 2 times ( catch 3 -> catch 1) Toss one into the air & Leave the rest 4 stones
on the floor -> toss it again & grab 4 stones
& catch the stone in the air. THE LAST STEP STEP Toss all stones, flip your hand over,
and try to put them on the back of
your hand.
Toss them again, and try to catch them.
Key point * How many stones you caught? That's your score number.

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