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UX Budapest meetup: UX@Prezi.com

20130115:19 Prezi HQ

Péter Balázs Polgár

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of UX Budapest meetup: UX@Prezi.com

UX@Prezi.com Usertest cycle usertest trac report to cross func. team (related to current dev)
short video excerpt
new issues (unrelated to current dev) output refine design collect on youtube find common topics to communicate to broader audiance update solved issues feature development in cross functional team visualize ux issues propagate top issues UX in cross-functional team. Evaluation measure improvement Methods Goal quantitative A/B analytics UX UX UX Ux Budapest Meetup 20120115 PM Designer Dev Dev Dev UX A-team B-team PM Designer Dev Dev Dev For product teams to develop new features with good UX, and make existing features better New features Existing features Development Evaluation Scope Strategy roadmap prioritize features explore needs ethnography survey focus groups byproducts
of lab tests Goals Methods measure improvement Methods Goal quantitative A/B analytics motivate design process Goals refinement optimization Methods qualitative Think aloud Eyetracking RITE Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation bugfixing inception _ _ _ =1 user story understanding user needs evaluate and
give feedback solution prototype User UX team Tracing and tagging Once upon a time, there was a Prezi user... go to trac Classification Cause Communication Tags help to understand... ... if it's really a usability issue ... is it the product's or the user's problem ... the root cause (what we need to solve here) Tags provide an alternative grouping to functions what is the most important area to design next text-edit ux-1 ux-2 12 21 22 11 images for a team working on a function teach non-uxers which the problems are better trac descriptions for developers tell the pms where the product needs to improve user research evaluate designs recommend solutions know the user lot of ?
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