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A brief introduction to TOEFL iBT

No description

lyn xu

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of A brief introduction to TOEFL iBT

A Brief Introduction
to TOEFL iBT Jialing XU What is TOEFL iBT? What is TOEFL like? Integrated Task Be the best of the world
...be the best of the country
...be the best of your field
...be the best of the crowd
...be the best of YOU! There is no magic, only hardworking counts. ---Sussan Nourshargh Our Course HAPPY TOEFL WRITING! Test Of English as Foreign Learners (internet Based Test) 1 introduction Who am I? University of Bristol, UK
Biomedical Science Research TOEFL iBT total 110 Writing 30 email xujialingok@126.com Sections: Reading / Listening / Speaking / Writing Total points: 120. 30 points for each section And others... Test time: once a week Certificate: Identity Card / Passport / Student Card Results: within 15 work days, normally on the end of the second week after test. 12-14 questions for each passages reading Listening Speaking Reading 3-5 passages from academic texts, approximately 700 words long. 60-100 minutes Listening 4-6 lectures, some with classroom
discussion, each 3-5 minutes long,
about 500-800 words 6 questions each 60-90 minutes Speaking independent tasks -- express an opinion on a familiar topic (2 tasks) integrated tasks -- speak based on what is read and heard on a topic (4 tasks) 20 minutes in total Writing Writing integrated task -- write based on what is read and heard on a topic independent task -- support an opinion on a topic 20 minutes for integrated task and 30 minutes for independent task 10 minutes break relax & eat write based on what is read and heard on a topic test takers read a short text of about 230-300 words in 3 minutes. test takers may take notes.
the reading passage disappears when the lecture begins. it will appear again when test takers begin to write. test takers write a summary of important points made in the lecture, and explain how these related to the key points of the reading passage. suggested length is 150-225 words
no penalty for writing more Independent Task support an opinion on a topic test takers write an essay that states, explains, and supports their opinion on an issue. an effective essay will usually contain a minimum of 300 words, but test takers may write more if they wish. test takers must support their opinions or choices rather than simply list personal preferences or choices. -- examples, details, citations and compare. Rating the responses are rated by 2-4 raters on a score scale of 0-5. the average of the scores on the two writing tasks is converted to a scaled score of 0 to 30. integrated task: scored on the quality of writing (organization, appropriate and precise use of grammar and vocabulary) and the completeness and accuracy of the content. (OG page200-201) independent task: scored on the overall quality of the writing: development, organization, and appropriate and precise use of grammar and vocabulary. (OG page 209-210) Tips: Official Guide page 29-30 2-12 integrated writing 13-30 independent writing (8 tasks) (15 tasks) introduction & strategy structure & logic grammar & vocabulary test database analysis Hardworking is the only shortcut to success.
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