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Theme in Black Boy

No description

Carson Calcutt

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Theme in Black Boy

Theme in
Black Boy

Theme Evidence
"Had a black boy announced that he aspired to be a writer, he would have been unhesitatingly called crazy by his pals. Or had a black boy spoken of yearning to get a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, his friends - in the boy's own interest - would have reported his odd ambition to the white boss." (197).

This displays how Richard was restricted from going on to do what he wants in life during this time in the South because of his race.
Theme Evidence
"I looked about to see if there were signs saying: FOR WHITE - FOR COLORED. I saw none. Black people and white people moved about, each seemingly intent upon his private mission. There was no racial fear. Indeed, each person acted as though no one existed but himself." (261).

This displays how when Richard was finally able to move up North, how he was so used to the segregated settings in the South that he was amazed when he arrived in Chicago.
Effects of Racism
Black Boy
, Richard faces many problems because of his skin color in his lifetime. For example, when he lived in the South he was seen as foolish for wanting to become a black writer in his society.
Theme Explanation
In the South, where Richard lived in a segregated society, he experienced lots of hatred due to his skin color. From this racism, Richard is able to grow up and stand up for himself and not care what people thought of him. Eventually, Richard saved enough money to move him and his family up North. There he is able to live freely without racism and actually ends up becoming a writer, which connects back to his childhood where the foundation of his life was based on racism and how he became a strong person.
Racism Influences
Richard is greatly affected by the continuous racism in his society. Racism is what shaped Richard to become who he was in that he becomes a strong and intelligent person.
Richard Wright wants readers to see how people are actually treated when racism exists in society. Wright wants to teach people to be kind to one another and treat everyone fairly.
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