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The Phenomenology of Error

No description

Brad Jones

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of The Phenomenology of Error

The Phenomenology of Error
By Joseph M. Williams

What is Error?
Error is also defined as a deviation from accuracy or correctness; a mistake, as in action or speech.
Williams starts his article by addressing the many concepts of error, if it is literate, physical, or mental. He then addresses the topic of "errors of grammar and usage." Throughout the texts, he questions what defines error and who decides what error is.
Summary Continued
He spends much time in the passages talking about how the creators of the grammatical error rules, commonly break those rules. He then places reading and editing in of chart of if there was a violation, was there a response to the violation. He said many times that there were violations of well authors but normally there was no repsonse to there violation.
Summary Continued part 2
Williams also elaborates on that we do not normally find error unless it is something we are looking for, in literature, or not.
Error, in composition theory, is a technical term, referring to a specific set of mistakes that writers make with syntax and the mechanics and conventions of writing. (Williams 37)
Examples of these types of error are
What does Williams mean by the "Phenomenology of Error?" What do you think his purpose was for choosing this title instead of a more straight forward one? (Williams 54)
What have been some of your own experiences with the construct of error? Why did they stand out in your mind? (Williams 54)
Questions Continued
How would you describe Williams tone in the piece? He mentions puzzled in the reading, do you think he is actually puzzled? (Williams 54)
Of the various observations that Williams makes is this article, what is the most surprising view? Which did you like the most? Why? (Williams 54)
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