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bernadine joseph

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of LUXEMBOURG

BY: Bernadine Joseph
located in western Europe at the intersection of Belgium, France,and Germany
Capital: Luxembourg city
Climate: mild winters and cool summers their is mountains they range from 1,000 to 2,000 ft the rest of the country is valleys
Population: around 500,000 (2014)
Official languages:French and German
Currently a major political event happening in Luxembourg is their prime minister is resigning
He was the longest serving government leader in the european union
The flag colors are from the Grand Duke's coat of arms
France and Luxemburg have a good relationship their hasn't been any major problems
Exports:($15.5 billion)
machinery, chemicals,equipment
Main export partners
Germany,France, Belgium, U.K
Imports:($25.08 billion)
minerals,consumer goods, food
Main import partners








The currency is euros they changed to euros on January 1st 2002
1 euro= $1.12 in u.s dollars
Breakfast is usually light a croissant or cereal or just coffee
lunch and dinner are larger meals
Luxemburg is known for producing white wines
The food in Luxemburg is influenced by theirs neighbors Germany and France
crispy potato fritters
green bean soup
apple pie
Religious beliefs
Catholicism is the most practiced religion
87% Roman Catholicism
13% Protestants, jews, muslims
New Years
Good Friday
Labor day
Mothers day
National day
Assumption day- catholic holiday
Fathers day
Clothing/ Music
The clothing isn't a certain style its diverse but
women usually wear skirts and dresses
men wear suits or tees
Famous people & places to visit
Gilles Muller - male tennis player
Jacques Santer- politician
Jean Muller- pianist
Will Kesseler- artist
Notre Dame Cathedral- Catholic church
Grand-Ducal Palace-Renaissance building
Parc Merveilleux - amusement park
Monument of remembrance- war memorial
Catholicism is the most practiced because Christianity was very general in Luxembourg during the Middle Ages so it continued to be there
Music & Dance
Opera is frequently in the theaters
Rock, pop and jazz are also popular
Their are many music festivals example every summer is a music festival called rock a field where your outside and you see bands perform
Ballet and swing dance are popular dances
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