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All About Me

No description

Caleb Jackson

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of All About Me

University of North Alabama
I am the last of three children in my family. The middle brothers name is Stephen. He is a junior at Auburn. The oldest brother's name is Jayson. He works for the college he used to go to which is UNA.
My Brothers
It's a piano...
My Parents
My mom's name is Shanon Jackson. She is a piano teacher, and she also plays at our church. My dad's name is Justin. He is an IT security person at NASA.
I am a thrower for the Scottsboro in and outdoor teams. I throw shotput.
This is me 4 times...
My Broken Bones
I have broken 4 bones in my life. First, I broke my foot because I stepped awkwardly on a box. Second, a baseball got me in the nose. Third, I "fell" off of a piece of playground equipment. Last, and most recent, I tried to step off of a hover-board from the front, and the hover-board twisted my leg and snapped it.
All About Me

Caleb Jackson
I've seen a few of these...
I had Appendicitis when I was in 4th grade. That is when your appendix is about to or already has ruptured. I ended up having it out on my brothers graduation.
My Life
The Office was the best...
I go to Willow Street Baptist Church on Sundays and Wednesdays. I like to watch football and play 2k18. I also watch The Office, Stranger Things, and Parks and Recreation on Netflix.
Football Team #1
I began watching football and i start with the Alabama Crimson Tide. Bama is my absolute favorite team.
this is where i added my own so that's why its different
My Second Team
The New Orleans Saints are my NFL team. Drew Brees is amazing and Alvin Kamara isn't human.
My Third Team
My favorite NBA team is the Portland Trail Blazers. That is mainly because of Damian Lillard (best PG in the NBA).
My Church
I go to Willow Street Baptist Church which is located on.... Willow Street (big surprise). The main pastors name is Jeff, the ministry pastor's name is Kieth, the music pastor's name is Randy, and the youth pastor's name is Aaron.
My Interests
I've already mentioned some of my interests, but that's not all. I enjoy going to the Rec-Com with my brothers and whooping the, in a game of 21.
My Movies
My all time favorite movie series is Lord of the Rings. My favorite movie of all time, however, is Batman: The Dark Knight because Heath Ledgers "Joker" is to this day the best performance ever.
My TV Shows
I already said what my favorite Netflix shows were, but my favorite shows that i watched on TV have to be Spongebob and Avatar The Last Air-Bender
My Favorite Foods
I am a fan of Mexican foods. My favorite food is when my mom cooks chicken tacos. I also like wings from 306.
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