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The Little Black Dress

The Worldwide Fashion Phenomenon

Alyssa Brady

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress The Worldwide Fashion Phenomenon Sheldon's Somoatotypes Siple's Clothing Zones One-Layer Zone Two-Layer Zone Three-Layer Zone Ectoderm Endoderm Mesoderm The Theory Introduction Classification System of Dress Cultural Context The Little Black Dress The little black dress is an iconic piece of fashion history that spans across time and continents. It is considered a staple in every woman's wardrobe.

Though there were black dresses previous to 1926, Coco Chanel brought the black dress out of mourning and into the fashion spotlight. Since that time, the little black dress has become the go-to gown for every woman for every occasion. Women have been wearing black dresses for centuries. The dress began as a symbol of mourning, and was to be worn for several years after the death of a husband. The color black was a mark of a sexually mature woman who was no longer a part of society (Edelman, 1997).The concept of the black dress has morphed over time to become the symbol of a woman entering into society rather than exiting.
The versatility, simplicity and functionality of the little black dress makes it so popular among women today (Parisi, 2007). Across the world, the little black dress is seen being worn by women of every shape, size and ethnicity. The shape of the woman does not matter, the little black dress changes its shape over time, but never its purpose, "to be a uniform that lends to its wearer an air of demure sophistication" (Czerwinski, 2009). Temporary Body Supplement
Enclosure: wrapped, sometimes preshaped, suspended from the shoulders and hips There are three basic categories, each correlates with a particular tissue area and is associated with personality characteristics.

Endoderm-related to the digestive system
Mesoderm-focused on the muscular and circulatory system
Ectoderm-based on the brain and nervous system The Endoderm describes those individuals with a prominent abdomen and general roundness. The mesoderm is associated with muscular, large boned people. The ectoderm correlates with the nervous system and the brain. These people tend to be slender and linear. Subtropical or optimum comfort zone
Free flowing skirts and short sleeves made of lightweight fabrics allow the little black dress to fit into the one-layer zone. A temperate climate with cool winters, this is the zone where fashion really begins. The little black dress would tend to be long sleeved and long in length in this cold winter zone. Embellishments can be added as well, i.e. scarves, necklaces, hats, jackets Body, Enviornment &Dress Visual Aspects:
Can add volume
Shape varies depending on designer
Sound-based on fabric choice
Texture varies based on fabric choices
Color: ALWAYS black What is incredible about the Little Black Dress is that it fits into every somatotype. http://www.typef.com/featured-videos/trendshaping/little-black-dress-athletic-body/ See this link to watch a video about choosing an LBD to fit your body type. The little black dress is a staple of fashion and can be modified by design or through embellishments to fit almost any environment. Picture from:
http://complimentcloset.wordpress.com/?s=chanel&submit=Search Picture from:
http://urbangirlsquad.com/blog/2010/12/urban-girl-squad-style-little-black-dress/ Pictures from:
http://www.thememagazine.com/blog/gothic-dark-glamour/ http://purplemilkcart.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/not-so-little-black-dress/ http://www.imgdresses.com/little-black-dress-size-20-2013.html http://www.kaboodle.com/reviews/plus-size-desert-rain-maxi-dress--black Pictures from:
http://www.typef.com/featured-videos/trendshaping/little-black-dress-athletic-body/ Picture from:
http://www.anntaylor.com/womens-lookbook/ann-little-black-dress-shop.shtml Pictures from:
http://www.thisnext.com/item/AE2DC1BD/Jolidon-Swimwear-2011-Little Pictures from:
http://webclipart.about.com/od/seasonsclipart/ss/Fall-Leaf-3-Clip-Art.htm Picture from:
http://www.luckydressshop.com/long-sleeve-celebrity-dresses Picture from:
http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/630204-Gold+Cuffs-gold-cuff-bracelet-black-maxi-dress-black-leather-jacket-gold-necklace Picture from:
http://www.posh24.com/photo/1102878/adele_adkins_black_dress_paste "Most American women feel best when they feel slim and most think that black makes them look that way. Psychologically, the black dress makes you look thinner and smaller if you're big, and it makes you feel more important if you're small"~Bill Blass
(Edelman 1997) Clipart from:
http://cupcakeclipart.com/snowflake-cupcake-toppers/ Dress is a representation of the times and geographical region. Simply by observing dress practices, a cultural history can be found without delving into the vast pages of history. While women conform to the concept of the Little Black Dress, each one is individualized through style, fabric choice, and accessory choices. This dress practice began in couture fashion where clothing was created for the individual. Though it has transcended into mass production, it continues to be individualized, however now it is done by the wearer rather than the designer. Conformity? The Little Black Dress transcends Culture. Because the Little Black Dress is more of an idea, a demure black dress, it can be applied to any style or culture. The line and form of the dress can change depending on where in the world it is found, who designed it, and what time period it came from. No matter what elements are reflected in the shape of the dress, as long as it is black, it can still be a Little Black Dress. The dress can fit any concept of beauty or attractiveness. The dress helps to approach a culture’s ideal of what is attractive because it is versatile and known as a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. It is almost an expected piece of fashion everyday. Cultural Ideal The Art of Dress The Little Black Dress is a component of mainstream fashion. When it was first designed, it came from the fashion capital of the world, Paris. Since then it has spread from couture fashion to mass-produced articles found in department stores.
The appeal to the women of the world is that black is known to be slimming. Black is simple, seductive, elegant. The Little Black Dress can fit into any woman’s wardrobe because it is so versatile. Mainstream Fashion Dress and Culture Scale http://www.destellosdeglamour.com/2012/03/page/7
http://theuniformproject.com/year1/home/monthly/April.html Picture Credits-In Order of Appearance The Little Black Dress was designed in the 1920’s by Coco Chanel. Her design took the color black from a symbol of mourning to demure elegance in every facet of women’s fashion. A Little Black Dress can be found for every occasion. Expression of Cultural History See the Uniform Project:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uL5vwYbDkw The Little Black Dress is very versatile and has no prescribed way to be worn. Perhaps the only prescribed aspect of the dress is that fashion experts say every woman should have one. There is no one correct way to wear a black dress. Aesthetic Body-Dominant Body-Subordinate Depending on the style, the Little Black Dress can accentuate or alter the body shape. Body-dominant vs. Body subordinate Constellation of Culture Traits Couture Cultural Casual Cocktail Evening Wear Business Little Black Dress I believe that while perhaps the Little Black Dress may not fully evolve to include all men, the concept of having a versatile and aesthetically pleasing outfit appeals to both men and women. The idea will envelop both men's and women's styles and result in a contemporary and diversified form for the Little Black Dress. The beauty of a classic is that no matter what era it is, it is still in style. As time continues on the style of the Little Black Dress will change, but the essence of it will remain the same.
I believe that one day there will be a shift from being only a fashion statement for women to being a fashion statement for men as well.. Pop culture is subtly asking for it as well. In a Modern Family episode Mitch, not knowing what to wear for a Christening and then a bachellorette party, cries out for a little black dress for men. Andre Leon Talley has in fact designed a little black dress for men featured in the Little Black Dress exhibition. The Future Dress and the Future http://lifeandtimes.com/andre-leon-talley-talks-the-little-black-dress-exhibition The Little Black Dress for Men The Future? Couture Cultural Casual Cocktail Evening Wear Business Little Black Dress Constellation of Culture Traits Dressing for Success The way we dress says so much about who we are, where we are from and where we want to go. Our clothes are an outward expression of what we see in ourselves or what we would like to see in ourselves.
This portfolio presents a fashion ideal for women all over the world. As I have researched the origin and timeline of the Little Black Dress, I have been intrigued by the volumes this one fashion phenomenon speaks. A simple black dress can transform a woman of any shape or size into the diva of her dreams. I have learned about design and functionality. I have learned that one idea can inspire thousands.
I have learned a lot from a black dress, but this entire portfolio has taught me an appreciation for dress in general. I have learned how dress interacts with the environment and the individual body in many ways that I had never conceived. I have explored Sheldon's Somatotypes, Siple's Clothing Zones and the impact culture has on dress.
While individually these topics are interesting, to me all of them open a broader range of understanding that I will be able to share with my students as I go on to teach in middle schools and high schools. I have learned to broaden my perspective, and I hope that is something I will be able to pass on once I begin to teach.
This collection of research and photographs has launched a new interest in fashion and design that I can utilize as a Family Consumer Sciences teacher. Not only has this portfolio influenced potential areas of my teaching, but it has impacted the way I view my personal and professional manner of dress. I am much more aware of how my clothes represent who I am. The Little Black Dress: A Worldwide Fashion Phenomenon is a collection of research and conclusions that can inform and influence personal concepts of dress and humanity. Table of Contents Body Environment and Dress
Cultural Context
Classification System of Dress
Sheldon's Somatotypes
Siple's Clothing Zones
Dress and Culture Scale
The Art of Dress
Dress and the Future
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