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Research Proposal Presentation

Presentation on my Research Proposal by Marijn Nikerk

marijn Nikerk

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Research Proposal Presentation

By Marijn Nikerk Research Proposal Presentation Agenda 1 - Sonology The thought Process.. "The age of live electronic music performance, in which a computer is the performer's dominant tool" Title - "The Computer Music Tutorial", CURTIS ROADS To find out what people think about electronic music performance, I did a small survey Preliminary Research "New build live venues are inefficiently designed in terms of logistics, sound dispersion and crowd management. The reasons for current designs is purely traditional and a more efficient design is achievable" Venue especially designed for live electronic musicians 1 - The Thought Process 2 - Title 5 - Hypothesis 6 - Methodology 3 - Background Reading 4 - Preliminary Research 7 - Expected Outcome 8 - Proposal Conclusion 2 - Computer Music 3 - Acoustics (BYOS) “Current research focuses on algorithmic composition, live electronic music, historical reconstructions of electronic and computer music” Hypothesis -> That's what interests me -> Because I enjoyed working on the BYOS project last year The Thought Process.. - Found it hard to begin - Wasn't sure what topic to choose - So I tried to combine 3 subjects that interest me..... Background Reading - "Internal Mixing", FRIEDEMANN TISCHEMEYER - "Modern Recording Techniques", DAVID MILES HUBER - http://www.sonology.org/NL/SOmain.html Was the last show, concert, or performance you went to from a band or an electronic music performer? Question 1: What do you prefer seeing live? Question 2: What element do you appreciate most in
a 'regular' band setup? What instrument would you like most being added to a DJ set/ electronic music performance? Question 3: Question 4: Do you think seeing a DJ or laptop performer live is interesting? Question 5: Would you be interested in a live electronic music performance in which the music is played in surround sound to the audience? Conclusion

"Live electronic music performance is currently very advanced
but could be developed more due to the availability of modern
equipment, software and techniques" Methodology A live electronic music performance which includes several acoustic instruments and in which the dominant tool, the computer, is controlled by a custom designed MIDI controller whilst the performance is conveyed in surround. Plan Of Approach The plan is to produce an EDM influenced track myself and start rehearsing whit musicians after the track is finished, to replace electronically composed parts during the live performance. Depending on the instruments that are going to be used and the exact set up I will design and construct a MIDI controller especially for this specific live performance. To-do List 1 - Theoretical Research 2 - Compose and Produce the track 3 - Select musicians 4 - Design the setup of the live performance 5 - Design and construct the MIDI controller 6 - Rehearsing 7 - Performing and Recording
(Both audio and video) 8 - Interview with the audience for post performance reactions 9 - Analysis This will include: - Roots and evolution of electronic music performance - Modern performing tools and techniques - The computer as an instrument - Electronic music performance VS band - MIDI technology - Stage routing and live mixing techniques - Surround sound technology The Musicians - The idea is to replace some of the digitally composed parts by acoustical instruments during the live performance

- Concluding from the results of the survey I am going to add at least live acoustic drums and vocals

- Besides this there might be one or two other instruments included The Location The location of the performance is going to be in the entrance hall of SAE Institute Rotterdam. Reasons for this are: 1 - Good acoustics 2 - Surrounded by studio and recording equipment 3 - Availability of film equipment This is already approved by SAE Management Expected Outcome I expect that it will be difficult to convince people of the advantages behind electronic music performance, but with the help of some good musicians, I predict that it is possible to prove my hypothesis Proposal Conclusion - Title During this presentation we have discussed the: - Hypothesis - Methodology - Prediction I Thank you all for paying attention Are there any questions? Measuring the results Example: “A live band combined with a DJ can make for a cracking night. A good band has the ability to create a totally different atmosphere on the dance floor to that of a DJ and by working together they can make a special night for all in attendance…” Lee, R. 2012 Moldover performing with his custom designed MIDI controller Crowded Beats playing drums and controlling Ableton at the same time Kraftwerk performing live - Institute of Sonology This experiment is going to be measured by interviewing the audience after the performance. Depending on the outcome of these interviews the hypothesis is either going to be proved or disproved. - Most people still prefer seeing a live band - Most people prefer drums, both in a regular band set-up as well as being added to an electronic music performance. - Almost all respondents think that a live electronic music performance in which the music is played in surround sound to the audience would be an interesting idea Assignment 2000/S2
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