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chinese dynasties timeline with architecture

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kolton douglas

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of chinese dynasties timeline with architecture

chinese dynasties timeline with architecture
Xia dynasty
2205 BCE - 1575 BCE
the first dynasty
The Xia were agrarian people
bronze implements and tombs to prove Xia dynasty existed
a little is known about the Xia Dynasty
Zhou dynasty
1045 BCE - 256 BCE
longest ruling dynasty in china
evolved into the feudal system
and then witnessed territorial expansion
economic prosperity and cultural flourished in this time
Shang dynasty
1570 BCE - 1045 BCE
bronze working became common, they were the most advanced in the world
ruled lot of area by yellow river
ruled central part of china
were in war often with neighboring people
began the chinese writing
221 BCE -206 BCE
the beginning of a chinese empire
Shi Huandi was the first emperor
started great was of china
build a lot of roads and canals
made uniform culture
Han dynasty
206 BCE - 220 CE
established civil service
had a strong government
paper and porcelain were invented
embraced Confucianism, poetry, and literacy
was one of the greatest dynasties in china
forged the trade route called silk road
Song dynasty
960 CE - 1279 CE
china became world leader in science and technology
invented gunpowder and compass
had a huge population increase during this time
poetry and literacy were extremely popular
589 CE - 618 CE
went back to one rule
finished building the grand canal
expanded the great wall
Confucianism regain popularity
Buddhism was spreading way more
diffrent people of different religion united
due to taxes peasant uprising took over
Six Dynasties
222 CE - 589 CE
were more then one leader
happen in the time of 3 kingdoms
civil war was happening in china
Buddhism became widespread
Five Dynasty
907 CE - 960 CE
was a peasant rebellion
they took down Tang dynasty
had more then one leader
Ming dynasty
1368 CE - 1644 CE
a peasant uprising overthrew the mongols
finished great wall of china
build the forbidden city
great amount of literary achievement during the Ming period
had a lot of shipbuilding during the Ming dynasty
618 CE - 907 CE
it was a period of peace
the boundaries of china was extended
at the time china was ranked most advanced country in the world
Tang period was also the golden age of literature and art
made many trade routes and formed peace
Yuan dynasty
1279 CE - 1368 CE
Kublai khan a mongol leader established the Yuan dynasty
they ruled all china
promoted science and culture
Marco Polo showed up in this dynasty
Yuan Drama became one of the outstanding Chinese literary heritages
great wall of china
it is located all around china
it was started in 221 BCE
more the one dynasty help build the wall
it was important because it help fight enemy forces
Grand Canal
Qing dynasty
1644 CE - 1911 CE
last dynasty of china
had little land
literature and arts flowered and culture of various forms thrived
had continuous uprising
the opium war broke out
building began in 486 BCE
the grand canal is the longest hand made canal
it made trade easier
and was used for mar when transporting troops
finished in 610 CE
forbidden city

the forbidden city is in Beijing
Ming dynasty made the forbidden city
it is a home and museum
they started to build 1406 CE
Temple of haven

the temple of haven is located in the southern central area of Beijing
they started to build in 1406 CE
the Ming dynasty made the temple of haven
it was made for games and festivals to entertain people
summer palace

the summer palace is located 13 km north west of central Beijing
it was started 1709
the mongols constructed it when they ruled china
it is the mos beautiful royal garden in the world.
Ming tombs

located in Beijing
started construction in 1409
constructed by the Ming dynasty
it was used to buried the emperors
jade Buddha temple
the Buddha temple is located in Shanghai
construction started in 1882 CE
Qing dynasty constructed the jade Buddha temple
it is important because it helps people who believe in Buddha worship
the terracotta warriors are located in Xi'an
the Qin started emperor constructed the terracotta warriors
they started construction in 221 BCE
these structures are important because it protects the people of Qin's Souls from the people that were executed
terracotta warriors
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