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Battle of Trenton

No description

Kaitlyn T

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Battle of Trenton

Battle of Trenton
Who won?
The Americans won the Battle of Trenton because the Hessians surrendered to them.
What Happened?
The Hessians were no match for the Americans. Sullivan’s troops started firing on them when Rall was wounded, the Hessians scattered in all directions. The Hessians surrendered later on and Rall died as well. When the Americans were handling the surrender some Hessians forces tried to make their way out of town with a cannon. General Sullivan found them later and made them surrender.
What Happened?
American men were stationed at Princeton and Assunpink Creek. Most Germans tried to swim across the creek while others tried to run across the bridge. Some of the Hessians heard the first shots and regrouped at the main street of Trenton. The Americans met them head on in the streets. Meanwhile, Sullivan and Greene split up their militia once more to block off escape routes from Trenton.
What Happened?
Other American soldiers hid in buildings and homes, hoping to snatch any unfortunate Hessians. Rall, the head of the Hessian forces, saw that the colonists took over their canon. He tried to get it back, he was successful but to no avail. When they tried to fire four guns on the Americans, they found that the guns wouldn’t fire at all. They were forced to flee yet again to the creek where Gen. Sullivan had his men
What Happened?
The battle started when Lieutenant Andreas von Wiederholdt walked outside to get some fresh air. He was then shot by American Troops. Weirderholdt’s troops ran out of the building when he shouted,” Der Feind!” meaning “The Enemy” The Hessians tried to gather a retreat plan, but the Americans were one step ahead and blocked all the ways for a possible retreat.
What happened in result of this battle?
The Big Idea
It’s important because without this battle the Americans wouldn’t have the motivation to move ahead and keep fighting for their freedom. This is also the first American victory that Washington lead. IF we lost this battle, today we would probably have British accents and be apart of England instead of being our own country. We wouldn’t be the United States of America.
They were fighting to gain protection over the Delaware River.

Leading up to the fight they had to cross the Delaware River.
Trenton, New Jersey
American's and Hessians fought.
2,400 American troops
1,400 Hessian troops
General Washington-Americans
Colonal Johann Rall-Hessians
John Stark and Nathaniel Greene were other famous participants.
Casualties and loses
6 American deaths, 4 died of wounds and 2 froze to death.
100 dead Hessians, 20 wounded, and 1,000 captured.
The victory of the Battle of Trenton encouraged the Americans to push forward in the fight for independence. They were forced to withdraw because of all the captives, and they had no pervisions to move ahead.The good thing was that they made it homewith boosted spirits,and they now knew that independence wasn't impossible
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