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P for Grapes

No description

America Ayala

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of P for Grapes

E for Grapes
What are the key products/items that colorado grows;)
Advanced Manufacturing
Defense and Homelane Secuity
Colorado is a home to a diverse mix of Deportment of Detense military installations induding theus air force
What are the main econmies of Colorado
The economy of the US state of Colorado according to The Bureau of Economic Analysis gross state product estimates for 2008 was $248.6 billion.The Colorado economy ranked 20th largest in the US in 2008. Per capital personal income in 2003 was 34,561,putting Colorado 8th in the nation.
what is an economy
Its like an system that balences different things like, lets say land,capitals,countries agensed whats and needs of consumers
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