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A Wrinkle in Time

book review by Parker Diggle

The Diggles

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of A Wrinkle in Time

? by Parker Diggle A Wrinkle In Time The
Characters The first dimension is a line.
The second dimension is a squared 1st dimension, a square.
The third dimension is a cube, a squared 2nd dimension.
The 4th is time.
The 5th is a tesseract. In Camazotz everything is the exact same.
Meg didn't like this at all. She, Charles and Calvin knew Meg's dad was trapped on this planet, and they had to rescue him. Is tessering possible? I wonder if there are worlds
like camazotz in real life? deep connectoins Deep Connections. MEG Smart
Not Confident
Hard on Herself
Not many Friends
Failing in School Charles Wallace Meg's Youngest Brother
Almost Never Talks
Seems Capable of Reading Minds Mrs. Murry Meg's Mom
Sad Mr.
Murry Smart
Proud of his family
MISSING!!!! Calvin Tall
Friend of Megs Mrs. Witch
Who and
Whatsit All three are kind, dangerous
and old. They lead the group
on their journey. A large floating brain
Evil IT The Black
Thing A cold dark shadow in a small town during a hurricane setting genre Science Fiction Adventure Meg's father has been missing for many years and Meg, Charles and Calvin are going to get him back. With the help of Mrs. Whatsit, Who and witch, they tesser to another planet called camazotz using a tesseract. Can they rescue him and get back to
thier world safely? Some Questions I had while reading. deep connections Meg wanted to be like everyone else, but when she saw what it would be like, She despised it. What I learned. It's GOOD to be yourself ! Why this book was important for me to read why why why because I'm unique by Madeleine L'Engle published in 1962
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