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The Next Step

No description

adchi karuna

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of The Next Step

The Next Step
The Next Step
Michelle is a member of A-troupe. In season 1, Michelle was a new member to the Next Step Studio. Later in the season, people started to hate Emily so they chose Michelle to be their new captain. In season 2, Emily and Michelle were co-captain for National and had worked well together to create a group dance to win Nationals. Michelle had been into different dramas from season 1 to season 2. Michelle was nice, cooperative and friendly to all of the members of the in A-team.
The Next Step is a dance and drama show. The show goes on Family channel on Fridays at 7:30 p.m. There is three teams in the show. They are A-team, B-team and J-team. There is three different seasons that talks about a competition. There is three different competition are Regional, National and International.
Emily is a member of A-troupe. Through season 1 to season 2, she has changed from being rude, stubborn and ignorant to nice, cooperative and friendly. In season 1, she is the dance captain and is bossy. In season 1, she was the dance captain until Michelle had joined. Everyone thought Emily was rude and had chose Michelle as their new dance captain. She didn't prepare a proper dance in order for them to win Regional. In season 2, she was co-captain with Michelle after working out the drama in season 1. In season 2, she finds out that Amanda was working as a double agent. She is still at her studio Elite, and was trying to make sure that the Next Step doesn't go to National. Emily was trying to find out what was going on.
James was always a member of A-troupe since season 1 to season 2. James was funny at times. He worked hard for the duets at Regional and Nationals with Riley. James was a hip- hop dancer in the studio. James was good at doing different tricks. James is Riley's boyfriend. James has always been at the next step since season 1. In season 1, when Michelle arrived he, Riley, West, Daniel, Giselle and Chloe made a dance and showed to Kate and she decided to make Michelle dance captain.
Riley was at the Next Step from season 1 to season 2. In season 1, James and Riley did a duet together in Regional. In season 2, James and Riley did another duet for National. James and Riley were the perfect couple, in season 2 Riley saw James kissing another girl and got angry at James and broke up, which made it harder for them to practice their duet, but they got back together and decided to start over their relationship and they were happy about that and their duet was amazing.
Eldon was a member from the Next Step in A-troupe. Eldon did a solo for both Regional and National. In season 1, Eldon was in love with Emily first then Michelle. Eldon was an amazing dancer. In season 2, when Eldon came and tried out for the solo, he got it.Then Amanda sent Michelle a video of the dance battle between Eldon and Hunter. Eldon had lost his solo, but was able to get it back with another dance battle between the two of them. Eldon is a powerful dancer in his team.
Amanda is was partially a member of the Next Step. Amanda is the dance captain in Elite (another dance studio). Amanda was a double agent. She is still at Elite, but tries to sabotage the Next Step so they don't make it to the Next Step. In the beginning of season 2, Amanda goes undercover and tries to make sure no one knows about her mission. Emily and Riley doesn't trust Amanda, so they work together trying to find out what Amanda is to. Later in the season Amanda gets exposed by Riley and Chloe.
West was a new member at the Next Step. He was a bit weird at first but, later on became friends with the people at the Next Step. West would help out his friends when they needed help. West would funny at time, but when it came to practices for the dance routine, he would make it in time. In season 1, when West was at Culture Shop, his old dance group had been there, but when he tried to avoid him, his crew found him. They had asked West where have he been, but he didn't tell them about him being in the Next Step. In season 2, when he was at Nationals he started to have feelings for Emily and did for him too.
Chloe has been in the Next Step in A-troupe from season 1 to season 2. In season 1, Michelle found out that Chloe has a job, in order for her to pay for the cost so she is able to dance. Then one day, Emily wanted to know why Chloe was leaving early. So Michelle showed Emily, why and the A-troup members came up with a plan in order to help her. Chloe was really happy. Also to earn money, she volunteered at the Next Step to teach the younger kids ballet, so she be able to pay for the cost to stay at the Next Step.
Giselle was once in B-troupe, but after her auditions for A-troupe she was in. She was really happy to be with her friends again. Giselle liked helping her friends. Giselle worked hard for Nationals and also Regional. In season 2, when Emily got hurt she left the stage and helped her to see if she was alright. When she was performing the dance for finals, she trusted her friends and did a trick from on top a high platform and her friends from below caught her.
Thalia came to the Next Step in season 2. Thalia had experiences of being at Nationals. When Thalia came, she made it into the team. Her awesome skills helped her against the competition for the National team. Thalia was a new member at the Next Step and she was feeling like family with the A-troupe members at the Next Step. For Nationals, Thalia only performed for
Hunter came to the Next Step in season 2. Hunter came to the Next Step to surprise Michelle. When the competition was going to begin, he surprised Michelle. He and Michelle were a couple when they were in Wisconsin. When Hunter found out that Eldon and Michelle were a thing, Hunter came up with the idea of having the dance battle. Who ever won got to have Michelle. So, Hunter had won and so Eldon and Michelle broke up. After then, Emily and Hunter was trying to come up with a plan to how they were going to get Eldon and Emily back together and Hunter and Michelle back together.
Kate is the owner of the Next Step studio. Kate worked hard with the members at the Next Step. Kate treats her dancers as if they were her family. When the Next Step was heading for Regional, Kate wished each of the members good luck. Then in season 2, Chris the head choreographer at the Next Step was leaving to be a co-owner at another dance studio. So, Kate asked Phoebe to fill in for Chris. When the team goes to Nationals, Kate's leadership was at a test to see how well enough she done with her team.
Phoebe came to the Next Step in season 2. She is Kate's sister. This is how Phoebe comes to the Next Step. Phoebe is called by Kate asking her if she would like to fill in for Chris and she did. Phoebe helped choreograph dances for Nationals at the Next Step.
The settings in this show is the studio, the Culture Shop and the competition places.
The studio is a main place in the show. It is a main setting because it where is the dancers practice and where most drama happens in the show. For example, the drama in season 2, happens at the Next Step Studio.This is a setting in the show.
Culture is a main place in the show. It is because, it is the place where the dancers from A-troupe hangout and shows mostly about it. This is a setting in the show.
The competition is another main place in the show. It is because, in each season it represents a competition. For example in season 1, the competition place is Regional, so Regional would be focused on the competition there. In season 2, the competition place is Nationals so Nationals would be focused on the competition there. This is a setting in the show.
After winning the Regional, the Next Step is heading for Nationals. In season 2, there were a lot of drama. The main drama was that Amanda was still at Elite and came to the Next Step trying to sabotage them. When Amanda came to the Next Step, Kate and Michelle thought Amanda deserved a second chance so they gave her it. When the team deciding was being made there was new people coming. After the team was decided, Amanda knew it the right time to starting sabotaging the Next Step. The plan was get rid of the members until they had 9 members left. She did this because the rules for Nationals is you need 10 members at least to be in the competition. Another thing that happened is the dance battle. Hunter and Eldon had a dance battle to see who would be with Michelle. Another thing was that, when there was too much drama happening, Michelle had left the Next Step with her female solo. James and Riley broke up, but James didn't give up trying to get Riley back. So, James told Riley to make up a list and he will do whatever is on it. So Riley told James to try to get Michelle back on the team and he was able to do it. He did by doing a flash mob in the mall. So, Michelle came back to the studio. This is what the summary is about in season 2 for the Next Step.
Season 2 Summary
The Levels at National
At National, there is 12 teams. In National, there is 6 levels. The 6 levels are male soloist, small group, female soloist, duet, semi-finals and finals. In the Next Step for Nationals, the male soloist is Eldon. The small group people are Eldon, James, West and Hunter. The female soloist is Michelle. The duet people are James and Riley. For semi-finals, all the dancers performed and same for finals, but for finals Amanda performed for Emily because Emily broke her leg when she was performing for semi-finals.. These are the levels for Nationals.
Male Soloist Performance: Eldon
Small Group Performance: Eldon, Hunter, James and West
Female Soloist Performance: Michelle
The Duet: James and Riley
Semi-Finals: Entire Dancers in Next Step
Finals:Entire Dancers in Next Step
The Next Step
The Next Step Logo
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca

The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step: About the show - family.ca
The Next Step- A - Troupe “Rewind” Nationals Routine (Finals)
The Next Step - Michelle "Showstoppa" Nationals Solo 2/16/15 https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=ogBYaoapv-E
The Next Step - James and Riley "Whirlwind" Duet 2/16/15 https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lf7u0jnw40
The Next Step - Small Group "Never Get Lost" Nationals Routine 2/16/15 https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bgWxUWeJZY
The Next Step - Eldon "Oxygen" Nationals Solo 2/16/15 https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vhl9JqJBvU
The Next Step - A-Troupe "Unsinkable" Nationals Routine (Semi-Finals) 2/16/15 https:/www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wqlbeJt6Mk

I would highly recommend this show to those who like to dance. I would also recommend this show to those who like to watch drama. The Next Step shows different places of competitions. The show can show different moves you can see and be impressed with. The show is a great thing you would like if you are interested with it. The show has dance videos and you can watch. This is my recommendation to you.
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