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Copy of Open House 2011

No description

Kristen Frawley

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Open House 2011

Welcome to
Open House

About us:
Mrs. Wright
Mrs. Ranalli
Ms. Macpeek
Ms. Frawley
Mrs. Townsend
Mrs. Kohl
Things to do tonight in your child's homeroom:
sign up for parties
leave your email address
write a note to your child
sign pink packet and information sheet

** We will contact you, if we need to schedule a conference in December.

What Math Look Like in 5th Grade
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers and decimals.
Metric and Customary Measurement
Place Value-through the billions
Fractions- including addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers.
Basic Geometry - shapes, perimeter, area, and volume
Writing to explain
Pearson Success.net
What Science Looks Like in 5th Grade
Crayfish/ Ecosystems - concepts of interdependency between living things and cycles of nature.
Traveling in Space - focus on forces of motion.
Electromagnetism - discovering the relationship between magnetism and electricity.
Energy Unit - Concepts of renewable and non-renewable resources.
What Reading Looks Like in 5th Grade
SSR/Independent Reading Level
Small group instruction
Guided Reading
How Your Child Will Be Reading
Reading Detectives
Text-based evidence
Supporting their thinking
Rigorous texts
Informational text/Literary text
Using context clues
Responding to reading in verbal and written form

What Writing Looks Like in 5th Grade
workshop style - whole group and small group instruction based on skills
choice and assigned pieces
content area writing
writing to prompts
We will increase from 30 to 40 minutes of reading as the year progresses
Expect math nightly
Writing, Science and Social Studies will happen as needed
Notice for tests, quizzes, and projects
Release of responsibility
Review and initial planners nightly
If homework is incomplete there will be a sticker or note in the planner, to keep the lines of communication open

Thank you for your help at home!
Your help at home
encourage math fact practice
read, read, read
check the planner
stay in touch
What Social Studies Looks Like in 5th Grade
Concepts of Social Studies - civics and government, culture, geography, and history of the Unites States, Latin America and Canada.
Map and Globe Skills
Literacy Skills
Fifth Grade Activities
Google Drive and Classroom
Camp Weona
Science Day
Lego Club
Instrumental Lessons
Last Thoughts
Christmas Gifts
Camp Weona
Sign up for PTA
Thank You
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