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CASE STUDY in Stratrgic Marketing

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dave del rosario

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of CASE STUDY in Stratrgic Marketing

CASE STUDY in Strategic Marketing
Greenwich is the Favorite ng Barkada. Beyond Every Pizza Box at Greenwich, you will find out that the joy does not end with the food we prepare. We make it a point to extend this feeling of warmth from our ovens to our service, and straight into the hearts of every Filipino. Greenwich has also invested in the continuous training of all our delivery personnel because we believe that every point of experience of the customer in the delivery process must be kept pleasant and courteous
Branch name:
Greenwich (Sta. Maria, Bulacan)
Type: Subsidiary of Jollibee food corporations
We all know that Greenwich is the Philippines’ champ when it comes to pizza. Here, Filipinos and even other cultures enjoy delicious pizza that’s flavorful and filling.
Greenwich is famous all over the land and is a preferred “tambayan” (place to hang out) by people. Here, get together and family moments are gladdening and satisfying. Being accommodating of the Greenwich personnel can also contribute to the satisfaction of the costumer.
This case study is a College Student project that intended to know what are different problems can and may happened in any kind of business and what are the possible solutions can resolve the problems. This case study is about “what problems one establishment or business may encounter.” It is done by interviewing (prepared question) the Manager of GREENWICH, Sta.Maria Branch
Mngr. Tristan Ignacio Gatdula
, and by searching reliable information in the
Internet and Blog Sites,
and prepared by the
students of Our Lady of Fatima University, BSBA Major in Marketing Management.
Greenwich Pizza is one true Filipino pizza chain, a small entrepreneurship that made an extraordinary leap to the big league. What started out as a small over-the-counter pizza store in the Greenhills Commercial Center in 1971 is now the Philippines biggest pizza chain.
• Huge popular brand name and high brand loyalty
• Innovative range of pizzas under one roof
• Hygienic food and quick service
• Sound financial situation and international turnover.
• Good advertising and marketing
• Over 20,000 franchises around the world

• Loyal customers are feeling that the satisfaction of the pizzas is declining.
• Franchise management
• Lack of an organic pizzas, which will limit the target market

• New Pizzas with different crust sizes and flavors.
• Venture more into home delivery
• Venture into newer markets
• Threat from Dominos pizza, also from Mc Donald’s who have tried to introduce a new meal that is a Pizza.
• Health conscious people.
• The rising prices of special ingredients like cheese, used in pizza.
• PIZZA HUT offers American-like-Pizza.

• What problem you've encounter every day?
• How will you work to a subordinate who is underperforming?
• How would you deal with customers problems on your product or service?
• What will you do to satisfy your customers?
• How do you give importance to your customer experience about your service and products?
• Do you make changes to improve
What problem you've encounter every day?
Slack time and/ (the rainy weather affects transaction count inside the mall. When there are no customers, there are no sales produced and no profit generated.)
How would you work to a subordinate who is under performing?
By making a performance appraisal procedure. I am giving time to monitor ones efficiency and effectiveness at work.
How would you deal with customers problems on your product or service?
By performing our 7 steps approach wherein we do Apology, and appreciate the given feedback. Later on, do investigation on the complained or dissatisfaction and then winning back the customer for repeat transactions.
What would you do to satisfy your customers?
Discover Delight and Bond. We treat each guest as a friend, calling them by names as a personalized service. We serve water and give importance to requests.
How do you give importance to your customer experience about your service and products?
We give importance by saying thank you and performing our task well. For continues growth of the business.
Do you make changes to improve process?
No. We only follow standard operating procedures on materials and processes to maintain the quality of products we are serving.
Due to the customer’s complaint and problems, we recommend having them a peak time management and the proper positioning of the team members and also they need to check the production workflow and make some an adjustment in this matter. And render much better services that will satisfy their customers. And make a variety of choices of pizzas that will be suitable for the taste of everyone, still with the original concept of Greenwich pizza flavors and pizza mixes.
In any fast food chains and restaurants, the major problem of them was the slack time, plus the complaint of some customer about the services or the products, and sometimes the weather. In this case study, the problems are slack time, price, and the Pizza. Slack time is refers to the time that an activity can be delayed. It also refers to the difference between the late and early start times of an activity, and it is one of the big cost of decreasing the sales and profit of the business. For example, even the customers on one table were done eating, they not leaving. And the crew of the restaurant can’t tell the customers to get out because there are new customers, because they will get bad image and bad feedback. And the only thing can management can do is still to follow standard operating procedures. And complaint that the pizza of Greenwich is different from the American pizza, it is because of the culture, different region have different culture and taste, and Marketing Director Rosario Caluya, the new marketing director of Greenwich, knows what Filipino people want and desire about foods.
1. What promotional strategy Greenwich should do to increase consumer awareness about their new product?

2. When it comes to customer services, what effort did Greenwich exert in delivering customer satisfaction?

3. What makes Greenwich extraordinary from the other pizza chain?

1. Greenwich Pizza Corporation Advertise their products through brochures and most especially through TV ads. They make use of celebrities for their commercials. The commercial focus on core products which is pizza and pasta. They usually place their stores in crowded area and other hot spots like in the malls near creational areas.
2. The goods and services offered should always complement the core product of Greenwich. A customer focused thematic campaign was created to launch the new tag line “We Serve Satisfaction.” The operating procedures should not be too complicated and be within the serving time to maintain the quality of product that serve. The Greenwich calls the training branded customer service.
3. Greenwich Pizza was best known as a pizza chain that appealed mainly to the mass market. It was finally able to penetrate that market and widen its reach among young adults and young working individual through the successful launch of a series of advertisements that leveraged on the valuable insight of strong friendships among young adults. The value for money was also emphasized as the Overloaded pizzas—endorsed by popular young actor John Lloyd Cruz—were portrayed as affordable pizzas with extra helpings of toppings such as pepperoni and cheese. There is simply no substitute for fresh ingredients and freshly prepared meals. In some stores, customers can even see how their pizzas are made. Quality also trumps speed, which means that people have become more discriminating and willing to wait for just a few more minutes to enjoy freshly made pizza instead of making do with reheated pizza.

• They renovate to standardize the physical lay-out of all its stores, Greenwich has embarked on a four-year renovation program that would make more efficient use of kitchen space and would open up the eating areas as well as introduce the new corporate design and colors. And to speed up food ordering and service, Greenwich offers packaged meals inclusive of soft drinks called "value treat meals". For the same reason, Greenwich does not offer combo meals.
• Greenwich offers more variety of pizza sizes and flavors like Greenwich OVER LOAD and THIN CRUST, which will suit for the Filipinos taste, rather use the ingredients and processes of the American. Greenwich, however, maintains its own pizza crust factory and the material sourcing that goes with it. The factory has been fully automated for the last three years, enhanced by the recent purchase of equipment from France.
• The price are reasonable for those who are working, and Instead of targeting teenagers, they repositioned their market away from teenagers and towards young professionals and young working individuals.
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