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Cross Species Genetics

Mrs. Welch 7th period

Robert Riemer

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Cross Species Genetics

Cross Species Genetics!!! Hello Is it possible? http://www.thecomicbookcast.com/apps/forums/topics/show/8068293-cross-species-genetics-is-it-possible-



http://www.dcn.davis.ca.us/vme/hgt/TrendsInGeneticspp1-4yr1986.PDF In Spiderman a spider bites Peter Parker and he becomes the perfect cross species of spider and human. So is it possible for this to be used in the real world? The answer is ...
Yes it can be done Problem:
The human cells would reject the other species DNA Solution:
Add a catalyst A catalyst is a substance that will change the outcome
of a situation or in this case cause the human cells to
accept the other species DNA. This method could in fact help the human race become immune to any disease. However, with people living with incredible life spans the Earth would soon get overpopulated. And I dont think we would want things like this on the streets Just kidding. That probably won't be happening because in order
for it to be successful, the two subject's DNA must be around 93%
similar to each other.
And right now the only thing that is similar to us
are these guys... Even if it was successfully done, they would
not be able to reproduce so we would have
some for every single future person in the
world which is not even close to possible.
So yes it is possible but it will highly debated over if it
should be allowed.
This has been a presentation
by Robert Riemer Have a nice day :)
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