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How did this whole thing get started?!

No description

Staci Kottkamp

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of How did this whole thing get started?!

Two ongoing regional projects within the next five years (Central America and East Africa)
Measurable outcomes established with collaboration of community project leaders
Initiation of community plan for improvement maintenance post HeadStrong
At least one collaboration initiated by communities for grassroots assistance to another community in need
HeadStrong Works
Why Donors Should Feel Good About Giving
Volunteer Based
Funds prioritized for project costs
Opportunity to work in country
501 (c) (3) status
Access to Results
Underlying Principles
Nicaragua 2014
Conversion of Rope Pumps
Installation of Water Purifier
Sanitation and Hygiene
Dental Clinic
Complete Community Census
Agricultural Survey
Educational Goal Setting
The Roots
How did this whole thing get started?!
Mukhtar ignited the dream
Training at Edge Outreach (WaterStep)
Nicaragua and Haiti
Obtained 501 (c) (3)
Vision for Nicaragua and East Africa
What's up with the name?
Mukhtar Ahmed
Garth McCarty, Staci Kottkamp,
Wayne Kottkamp
Dr. Christopher Mast
and Aislinn Mast
Starting with Clean Water
Haiti 2012 (February)
Haiti 2012 (July)
Nicaragua 2011 (November)
Nicaragua 2013 (February)
Dr. Christopher Mast
Garth McCarty
Community Stories
: provides clarity to our work and invites collaboration with all
Support and Training
: we are interested in self sufficiency not hand outs
Long term
: true growth comes from long term collaboration rather than one time assistance
: Few projects mean meaningful investment
: we want our donors to know the stories of these communities and......to come with us!
: Encouragement to spread knowledge and training
El Salto
Approximately 510 people
Well established
Sustenance agriculture and coffee harvesting
Some professional residents
Well tended Elementary School
Approximately 70 students
One growing season
Lost summer irrigation system during Hurricane Mitch
Some housing improvement
Regular respiratory illness and chronic diarrhea outbreaks
Minimal livestock
Making efforts toward agricultural diversity
Lack of school supplies
School has bad drainage issue

Why Nicaragua?
Approximately 350 residents
Well established
Small landowners
Well tended Elementary School
Approximately 76 students
3 Rope Pumps
One growing season
Expensive electricity
Disproportionate water availability
Some housing improvement
Regular respiratory illness and chronic diarrhea outbreaks
Minimal livestock and agricultural diversity
Lack of school supplies

5 Year Vision
Medical Clinics and Training
Focus on maternal and pediatric health
Train community health workers
Livestock Program
Receive an animal, share offspring
Cows, rabbits, chickens, goats, bees
Agricultural Diversity and Irrigation
Seed Investment
Alternative Pesticides
Summer Irrigation
Teacher training
Guidance in procuring supplies
School garden
Eliminating obstacles to secondary school
Housing and Environment
Improved, Sustainable Housing (Puentes de Esperanza)
Reforestation Efforts (combined with cleaner, more efficient cooking technology)
Microlending and Microenterprise
Financial Literacy
Paying it Forward
Grassroots Movement
Thinking Ahead
We're Unique!!
Future Funding Efforts
School Partnerships
Civic Partnerships
Research Collaboration
Private Donors
Do you have a connection?
call 502.762.4467
email headstrongworks@gmail.com
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