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Money Marcela

No description


on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Money Marcela

By: Marcela
4 Grade
Ms. Margot class
Bartering (trade)
Bartering is still here, is the same thing as trading a chocolate with a candy with your friend. Bartering has happened thousands of years ago. People would trade value things with other people like cows,gold and much more, and peolpe that couldn't get things in their habitat, they would trade with coast or mountain people.
1. Presios metals
A. Rare
B. Easily shaped and weighted

2. Mited
A. 2,600
B. Gold and silver
C. Rough and crude ( not even )
D. No standard size/weight
E. Later pare gold or silver
F. Middle east

3. Symbols
A. Early Eropean
B. Rulers
C. Told when, where, by whom

Paper Money
Currency (money)
Each culture had currency. Sometimes
people would trade with valuable things like
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