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smart homes

No description

Howard Battersby

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of smart homes

smart homes
This is about smart homes. Smart homes are all about technology, you can use them at any time (unless your not allowed) and with smart homes you can have fun and be happy sometimes.
This is a picture of a smart home that has been built with a massive pool that goes under there home. These are the things that we will have in the future.
slide 4
this is another slide to tell you about what the future holds, and what will be made. we have come up with different things such as e.g. flat screen TV in front of your bed, and different phones that pop out of the screen. That will make the world better with different things.
slide 5
smart homes will include, devices that can come to you from your home to tell you things like your getting a house phone call or a knock at the door and maybe your house can automatically ask who it is and if its someone you know watch them carefully (in case they try to steal something from your home)
slide 6
Topic 7

smart homes are cool because they have all the techniques you can use and have a lot of other things such as there are fridges what tell you whats inside and what you can make and really long beds with a flat screen TV in front of you.

slide 3

slide 1
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