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Personal collage

No description

selena dialessandro

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Personal collage

Personal collage
Healthy Active Youth

Various things I do to be Active
Various things
I do to stay healthy
Various things I do To eat healthy (nutritional habits)
Nutritional Habits
My Active Self
(Active Partcipation)
- going on a run with my friend for 1 hour on a nice hot day

-playing soccer, I play with a club soccer team called the Ottawa Internationals and we practice about 5 times a week
- With my soccer team we also have practices where we only focus on fitness training using hurdles, ladders, skipping ropes, yoga balls and much more
- With my soccer we also play in many tournaments such as the Oshawa tournament where we won gold (as you see in the picture)
- on top of all the other sports I do I also do power swimming in the fall and summer time once a week which is really good for my endurance
-Everyday when I get home from school I walk my two dogs with my family for about half an hour I sometimes jog whiles my mother walks them
My personal self
(healthy life skills)
- I always shower every day especially since I'm always active with soccer and I cant stay a day without being clean
-In my daily routine a big thing I always put on every morning is my adidas ladies sports deodorant and adidas perfume something that makes me feel clean and makes me smell nice not stinky or sweaty
- Sleep is always a very important thing and it should be for everyone, I'm a very busy girl who tries to get to bed at a reasonable time but due to sports and working on homework there are some times when I get to bed a little late. Usually when that happens I take a good 1 hour nap when I get home from to school so I feel less tired and have alot more energy to last me the rest of the day
- wearing braces can be hassle especially after eating so everytime I finish a big meal I'm most likely found in the washroom brushing my teeth so my teeth stay clean and hopefully my braces will come off soon
-on my spare time I also help coach my younger sister and brothers soccer team
- combing my hair is also a big thing for myself you can most always find me at school beside my locker combing the knots out of my hair especially since im an athlete and im always putting my hair up in a pony tail
Various things I do to be social (interaction with others)
My social self (interaction with others)
- Also I sometimes go in the back fields behind my house to play soccer
- As an athlete, eating healthy is also a very important thing I always try and put healthy things into my body like fruits and vegetables. My daily food intake consists of things from all four food groups
-Having three kids in my family is a hard thing to do especially having kids who play sports and sometimes we have to eat fast food but we try and eliminte Mc Donalds because it does nothing good to us we usually eat healthy snack wraps and home made healthy food
-Another thing that does no good for us is any kind of pop like gingerale or coke the only thing contained in the product is a whole ton of sugar and as an athlete thats not good for us so I try and eleminate this as well
- we use our magic bullet and make real smoothies with real fresh fruit
- Another healthy thing we always have in our fridge is this italian lettuce and we have chicken so we put chicken in the salad with some balsamic sauce(not much) and we eat that as a snack usually when I get home from school
- As you may know Im a very outgoing person, I'm also a hard working student so normally on weekends when I have no school I have time to socialize with many friends

- When I have time usually on weekends when all my school work is done I hang out with my friends or talk through the phone especially with old friends who now live in Montreal
- I've been playing soccer since I was 4 years old and I've become closer with many of the girls on my soccer team
- I also communicate with my friends on facebook, instagram and threw texts on my free time
By: Selena Di Alessandro
- All in all with all the sports and activities I do, I try my best to communicate with my good friends and family because its also very important in life
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