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Piggy Prezi presentation

No description

Neil Sullivan

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of Piggy Prezi presentation

M, Hoag, piggy, 1st period
overall piggy could be considerd one of the most kind and perhaps most pitiful character due to his constant neglect because of his physical restrictions like how he mentions his asthma on page 3 to Ralph "My auntie told me not to run on account of my asthma."
Most important action 1
From the very begining of the story Piggy (not real name) has played a large yet subtle role in both uniting the children and trying to establish order with ralph whom he meets on pg 2. "oy whats ur name anyway?(piggy) "Ralph". upon their first meeting piggy and ralph decide to start trying to find other people but not before ralph finds out piggy's nickname and laugh's about it for 4lines "what did they call you?"(rapl
Most important action 2
the second most important action can be seen as piggy spotting and identifiying the conch after all ralph wouldn't have even been able to know how to play it without piggy on pg 15. " s'right its a shell! i've seen one like that before it's called a conch i saw someone do it once to call his mates.
3rd most improtant action
the 3rd most improtant action by piggy in the first 2 chapters was when he began takeing all the boys names down and introducing everyone (including jack) to ralph and himself on pg 20. "were right in the middle of taking names what's yours?" another example was page 45 when albiet unintensionaly ralph and the others use his glasses to start the fire in the camp site " How do you expect to be rescued if you dont put things in order first?"
The End
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