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Copy of Cadbury Ad Campaign

No description

Nadia Iqbal

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Cadbury Ad Campaign

About Cadbury
Competitor Analysis
Strategy Analysis
- Distribution network encompasses 2100 distributors and 45000 retailers (Mondelēz International, Inc., 2015)
- Aiming to increase distribution capability by acquisitions and partnering with third
parties (Claire, 2015)

- Retailers further sell Cadbury products
- Income is also generated from Cadbury World, Cadbury shops and Cadbury website sales (CadburyPLC, 2015)
- Consumer incentives and trade promotions
are also used by retailers and the Cadbury

Advertising to consumers

Sector Analysis
Cadbury Ad Campaign 2015
Target Audience
Creative Idea
Scheduling Details
Costing and Effectiveness
Thank You!
Creative Advertising & Promotion - MKT3151
Seminar Tutor: Shing-Wang Chang

Dina Mouhandes
Nga Nguyen
Nadia Iqbal


1847- The business moves to Bridge Street. The Cadbury brothers' booming business moved into a new, larger factory in Bridge Street in the center of Birmingham

1861- John retired in 1861, handing over
the business to his sons
Richard and George, aged 21 and 25

1866- An innovative processing technique is introduced


1875- First Milk Chocolate Bar
1875- Cadbury makes their first Easter egg

1878- The Cadbury Brothers are inspired by their vision

18790 Bournville 'The Factory in a Garden' is born.
The first bricks were laid in January 1879 and 16 houses
for foremen and senior employees were on site

1897Cadbury Milk Chocolate is Launched


1900- Early outdoor and press advertising. Cadbury produced some of the finest examples of posters and press advertisements during this period.

1905- First Cadbury logo commissioned

1920- Cadbury Dairy Milk goes purple. Cadbury Dairy Milk started out in pale mauve with red script, in a continental style 'parcel wrap’ at its launch in 1905

1921- Cadbury script logo first appears

1928- The 'Glass and a Half' symbol is introduced. Used in 1928 on press and posters, TV ads and on wrapper designs

1824- John Cadbury opened Bull Street shop
- In 1824, John Cadbury opened a grocer’s shop at 93 Bull Street, Birmingham
- Among other things, he sold cocoa and drinking chocolate, which he prepared himself using a pestle and mortar.


- The Cadbury manufacturing business was born in 1831, when John Cadbury decided to start producing on a commercial scale and bought a four-storey warehouse in nearby Crooked Lane

- By 1842 John Cadbury was selling atleast 16 varieties
of drinking chocolate and 11 different cocoas.
- Buy drinking chocolate in the form of both cakes and powder
1990- Cadbury World Opens

2003- Cadbury Schweppes Buys Adams and Becomes the World's Leading Confectionery Company

2008- Cadbury and Schweppes Demerge

2008- Cadbury Cocoa Partnership Launched. £45 million was put aside to put into cocoa farms in Ghana, India, Indonesia and the Caribbean over a decade

2009- Cadbury Dairy Milk Becomes Fairtrade

2010- Cadbury becomes part of Mondelēz International

The total UK confectionery market was worth £5.73bn in 2013 (Hughes, 2014)2
As such, between 2009 and 2013, the total UK confectionery market has increased in value by 18.6% (Keynote, 2014)

- Cadbury is a chocolate manufacturing company in UK chocolate  confectionery market

The UK Chocolate Confectionery Sector by Value at Current Prices (£m at rsp), 2009-2013

Keynote (2014)1

The total UK confectionery market was worth £5.73bn in 2013 (Hughes, 2014)

- Between 2009 and 2013, the total UK confectionery market has increased in value by 18.6% (Keynote, 2014)

The retail selling price of the UK Chocolate Confectionery Sector
- Predominantly use posters and press advertisements. In the late 1950s Cadbury adopted
television advertisement and more recently social media campaigns (CadburyPLC, 2015)
Customer Analysis
Target audience 10-50+
Children- Desire for chocolate
Youth- Gift
B2B- Revenue generation
Parents- Care for children
(Mondelēz International, Inc., 2015)
Break segment
- Cadbury's Perk and snack range (CadburyPLC, 2015)

Impulse segment-
Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Cadbury Caramel, Cadbury Buttons (CadburyPLC, 2015)

Take home segment-
Cadbury's Milk Tray, Cadbury highlights, Cadbury Advent Calender (CadburyPLC, 2015)
(CadburyPLC, 2015
Keynote (2014)
(Bainbridge, 2015)
(CadburyPLC, 2015)
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TheFW, (2015). Cadbury's Controversial Easter Egg Changes Causing an Uproar. [online] Available at: http://thefw.com/cadbury-easter-egg-changes/ [Accessed 19 Jan. 2015].

1. Emphasise brand personality

2. Increase awareness and sales of the Cadbury product variety

3. Increase Facebook activity by atleast 35% amongst the target audience
Primary target market
'Youth to middle-aged consumers'

Age: 16-54

Gender: Predominantly females and children

Working status: in education ad/or part-time job,full-time job(+30hrs per week),

Size of households: 1-4 individuals. Family household. Involved in girlfriend-boyfiend relationship/partner/marriage and have siblings

Social class: ABC1C2 living in London

Using London public transport (Underground, DLR, Tramlink, other national rail services)

Own smart phones /tablet ,computer- have a presence on social networking sites

Television Advertisement-

(BradInsight, 2015)
(Directionalmedia.co.uk, 2015)
(ITV Media, 2015)
The success of the campaign will be measured by:

1. Analysis/contribution to sales
2. YouTube views and likes
3. Usage of hastags #cadburyselfie
4. Facebook Poll
- TV Advertisement
-Magazine Advertisement
- Billboard Advertisement
- Online Social- 'Facebook Selfie'
The Chocolate Finger Family
(Cadbury, 2015)
The Milk Button Friends
Miss Bunny
(Cadbury, 2015)
(Cadbury, 2015)
Media Choices
Perceptual Map
#cadbury #selfie #chocolate #purpleandwhite #funnyface #bestfriends #library #funtimes #competition
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