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P.O.L Prezi

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Charlie Olson

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of P.O.L Prezi

6th *Being Woody in sixth grade would be daring so I think I was a Risk-Taker in sixth grade.
*My parents told me to run with my hands clenched in fists because my arms would tend to flop all over the place, kind of like Woody when he runs.
*In fifth grade I was like the leader of everybody (or so I thought) and when we went to middle school everybody left me, like when Buzz came everybody left Woody.
*Another example of how I was similar to Woody was that in fifth grade I thought I was amazing at everything. After barely making basketball in 6th grade, I realized I needed to work a lot harder if I wanted to make it again in 7th.
*Academically in 6th grade I did amazing, I was really smart and got good grades easily.
*Basketball ribbon
*Geology quiz one
*Geology common assessment
*Nevada Gamblers High School “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.”
- Jesse Owens Charlie Olson P.O.L 7th *In 7th grade I was similar to Rex in the way he was plastic and seemed sturdy, but when trouble came he freaked out and couldn't handle it.
*In 6th grade I stunk at basketball and I think the only reason I made the team was because I was tall.
*In 7th grade basketball I played the role of being a strong and sturdy center, but when someone came to do a layup, I cowered. *Academically in 7th grade I did really well again, but I did have to work harder.
*In 7th grade I was Principled because I was playing basketball, baseball, and football, while having a 3.5 GPA
* Basketball team
* Freddy's Journal
*7th grade reflection
* First year of competitive baseball 8th *This year was by far the best of all my years in middle school.
*I felt like I was Buzz this year because he was the big, strong action figure who chases down bad guys.
*I literally did that this year too. This year, in basketball if someone scored on me, I would chase them down and get them eventually.
*I led the league in sacks, basketballs thrown at people, ramming people into walls, and block shots. Which makes me feel like a Communicator because after every time I did one of those things I screamed "BOSS" right in their face, as directed by my coach.
*I also felt like Buzz this year because I finally realized who I am, and what I want to be, which makes me feel stronger about myself.
*I feel that a characteristic Buzz and I share is confidence. More importantly, Buzz is a leader. I have been told all my life that I am a leader, or could be a great leader, and this year I finally feel like I took advantage of that part of my personality.
*Academically in 8th grade I feel like I did well in all subjects except math. This year math was really hard for me, and for the first time I had a tutor.
*A Friend for a Friend
*Environmental engineering
*Basketball team poem TOY STORY in middle school Going into high school I feel like Andy leaving all of his toys behind. In high school I plan to be more mature and work REALLY hard for the things I want. I plan to keep playing baseball, football, and basketball in high school. I intend to play at higher skill levels and for as long as I can. Also, I plan to really work hard on my grades and academics. To do all of that I will need to follow Jesse Owens’s words of guidance. BASKETBALL TEAM We could never win
But we always had a grin
As if the ball was tin
It would not go in

Even though the season is done
And we may have never won
We still had the most fun

Now the girls,
They were pearls,
That ball ball must have been
A magnet to the rim,
Because they always win
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