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Those Three Wishes

No description

christty xiong

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Those Three Wishes

Those Three Wishes
Melinda Alice was walking to school, when she saw a snail. She was going to step on it, but it stopped her, by telling that he'll grant her three wishes. "I'll give you three wishes" - She was very interested. "Agreed"
The setting for the story, was at school and at the sidewalk, on the way to school. The time that was used, was during school and before school. The weather was sunny and bright. Some of the setting involves Melinda Alice being in the classroom.
How important is your Character or character to the plot? Would you have a story if the character was different?
Melinda Alice is foolish, greedy, disrespectful, witty, clever, and cruel. She wishes for things she longs the most. Melinda Alice stays the same in the beginning she was cruel and disrespectful and by the end, nothing changes.
Characters are more important than the setting in this story, because it wouldn't matter if the setting changed. If the setting changed from a school to church, the plot and characteristics would still be the same. If the characters changed, this would be a whole new and different story. Melinda Alice's personality is very important in the story. She is the "star" of the short story. There is no character development involved in the story.
"Those Three Wishes" by Judith Gorog
The author, Judith Gorog, creates a theme plot through the use of figurative language.
Melinda Alice gets whatever she wishes for. When she wished for pierced ears and golden earrings, she got them. She wishes for a thousand wishes, "What a clever girl," said the snail. The conflict would be Man v.s. Nature, because she gets wishes, from a snail. The conflict is very unique, because it's not everyday that you get wishes that come true.
Rising Action
When Melinda Alice reaches school, she thought about what she should wish for. "I could make ugly people beautiful... I could pay back people who deserve it! " Then she walked into her classroom, and had a seat.
Fred, a classmate, reminded her of the BIG math test next period. Melinda Alice's thoughts raced, "That darned snail made me late, and I forgot to study!" She blamed everything on the snail. I think the climax was ironic, because since she was described as clever, i thought she would be more careful with her words. Especially since she has wishes.
The author ended the story at the climatic moment. She ended the story right after Melinda Alice says, " I wish I were dead." I think the author wanted to leave us in suspense, at the edge of our seats.
witty and cruel
Melinda Alice
Magical snail
Man V.S. Nature
Pierced ears
Golden Earrings
Melinda Alice in the classroom
walking to the class
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