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Smart TV Marketing Stratetgies

No description

Pt Cruiser

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Smart TV Marketing Stratetgies

Another research will have to be done by the internet search and trying to search for Smart TVs data bases.
Defining the marketing skills that has been mentioned in the slide before hand; and finding out which fits the best for Smart TVs marketing.
Lastly, I would like to find out what kind of new marketing strategies has been build for new technologies such as smart TVs it is probably true that sales people don't sell smart TVs just like they used to sell normal TVs.
One thing about the Smart TVs Marketing Strategies is that it is in its developing stage then instead of only focusing toward what is going on right now. I will like to put an input in better marketing strategies of my own too. (Developing my own ideas)
Trying to find out what is happening in the real world I would have to make some interview with sales people; and also observe their work too.
Smart TV Marketing Strategies
Types of Marketing
Some Smart TV platforms also supports
1.interactive advertising
2.addressable advertising with local ad insertion and ad targeting, and other advanced advertising features such as
3.ad telescoping using VOD and PVR, 4.enhanced TV for consumer call-to-action
5.audience measurement solutions for ad campaign effectiveness
What to Find Out
First, finding out the top three companies with the highest sale rate.
Second, finding out which countries and which area in these countries have highest sale rate.
Third, finding out the strong point of the each companies' smart TVs and its week points also.
What Now
Different Strategies
- Each company has their own strategies and it differs from one target group to another.
- Each company has different strategies for each country and also consider the class level of the area.
-Each company emphasizes different contents of their own Smart TVs.
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