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National Tsing Hua University School Atlas

No description

Juilin Huang

on 17 December 2012

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Transcript of National Tsing Hua University School Atlas

SCHOOL ATLAS NATIONAL TSING HUA UNIVERSITY Chemistry Building Chemistry & Power Mechanical Engineering Labs Chemical Engineering Building General Building I MXIC Building Third Floor Second Floor First Floor Engineering
Building I FOOD COURT Feng Yun Building Badminton Court GYM Student Union Swimming Pool Physics Building Female Dorm Campus Security Office Campus Security Office Campus Security Office TSMC Building Humanities and Social Sciences Building Life Science Building I + II Biomedical Engineering and Environmental Sciences Building Auditorium Electrical Engineering and computer Science Building Education Building Clinic and Counseling Center Materials Science and Technology Building Delta Building Materials Science Laboratory LIBRARY Research & Development Building General Building III Shui Mu Student Center 2nd Floor 1st Floor 附上「清華大學伊斯蘭教祈禱室設置草案」,請 鈞閱。 Zyxel Auditorium Room 305
Division of General Student Affair Room 109
Division of Registration Room 104
Division of Curriculum Office of Vice President Office of President Office of Secretarial Third Floor Second Floor First Floor Office of Global Affairs Room 108
Cashier Mega Bank Conference Room 3 General Building II General Building I Engineering and System Science Building Nuclear Science and
Technology Development Center NTHU FRONT GATE Campus Security Office Greensward Sec.2, Kuang Fu Road 101, Sec. 2, Kuang Fu Road, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan, R.O.C. Baoshan Rd. Jiangong 1st Rd. a place you can try different kinds foods
Western Spaghetti
Japanese Sushi/Ramen/teppanyaki
Fast Food Mos burger
Chinese stinky tofu/Fried chicken steak.....etc.
Normal lunch and dinner such as Ban Don and Noodle

A place to fill your stomach.. "Tsing Da Night Market" Welcome to To survive in NTHU firstly you need to

"EAT health n EAT fit"

There are 3 restaurants in side the campus........... Well ~ they might not be always delicious or suitable to your stomach but I am sure it is quite cheap and convenience
Don't Forget we have world wide fast food McDonald inside the campus, ..... Guess......this will fit you !!!
Family Mart and 7-11 provides light food such as Salad, hamburger....which open 24hr
However, if you are tired of eating in campus food
TRY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Shui Mu Book Store Division of Student Assistance If you
break dormitory rule
get in trouble
outside or inside campus, please come here or call 66666 in campus
03-5711814 out campus Restaurant Shui Mu department store Wash house Optical shop Entrance
Division of Student Housing Student dormitory management, distribution, transfer, relocation and regulations. Division of Student Housing Responsible for school safety and awareness.
Student ID reissue collect place Provides information about courses and credit inquiry, summer courses, apply for advanced English and exemption from English classes. Responsible for student academic grades, course selection, credit transfer, department transfer, and provides various proofs and files. International Student
National Health Insurance
Activities Automated Document Application pay and print machine
Certificate of (Student) Enrollment
Transcript This machine can save your time from unnecessary waiting..............FOR.......... Manages tuition and fees Admission and enrollment of International Student and exchange students
International Student Scholarships (MOU)
Private Sector Scholarships
Contact information of ICDF program
Assistance for international students with the application processes for ARC.
International Student Scholarships: Taiwan Scholarship and NTHU Admission Office you need to know
hopefully when you get clear you can reduce some walk around school campus .... Department Tutorial ......... Presented by Division of General Student Affairs
Photo by David Tai 5 mins walk from NTHU Front Gate This is where JUILIN were This is where Slyvia and Vicki were
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