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Representation of Social Groups

No description

Max Amaden

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Representation of Social Groups

'Geeky' Teenagers
+ Interest in video games, pop culture.
+ Casual clothes and environment.
+ Stereotypically less active and social.
+ Comfortable lifestyle, middle or upper class.
+ Often portrayed as innocent/weak.
Teenage Social Outcast / Floater
+ The victim of the opening sequence.
+ No clearly defined social group, however appears to be more social than the teen geeks.
+ Builds sympathy due to separateness from social groups.
Representation of
Social Groups

Slasher Murderer
+ The antagonist of the opening.
+ Wears overalls, possibly implying some sort of manual labour occupation.
+ Wears gasmask, hiding identity. Stereotypical of horror-thrillers.
+ Possible troubling past, leading to the twisted personality of the killer.
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