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connor,jarrod,joe,max Fossil Fuels

No description

Joseph Z

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of connor,jarrod,joe,max Fossil Fuels

FUELS Petroleum Formation & Location Uses Extraction & Refinement hydrocarbons Advantages & Concerns Natural Gas Formation & Location Uses Advantages & Concerns Coal Formation & Location Uses Extraction & Refinement Advantages & Concerns hey joe located all over the world
found in permeable rocks remains of sea animals
layers of sediment covers Extraction & Refinement EXTRACTION
drilling wells
metal casing- installation
collection metals REFINEMENT
1st: acid is removed
2nd: acid is processed into sulfur products
3rd: all water is removed
4th: mercury removed by filtering gas
5th: nitrogen and gas liquids taken by low temp. cryogenic distillation USE 1: heating homes
USE 2: cars South America and The Middle East are the two biggest Petroleum excavation location Petroleum is found in the liquid form Microscopic Nemo and Marlin decompose and sea floor hsldjgfdhl Solar Wind Water Geothermal Uses Replacement Primary use- The primary use of electricity is to produce electricity. Hydro's main purpose is to generate electricity How does it work- Wind works when
1.Turbines are set up
2.Rotor starts to turn when controller signigies 8-16 mph.
3. Yaw Drive keeps rotor facing wind
4.Wind continues to turn the turbine How it works primary use: to generate electricity, and heating Pros Cons Pros Cons Renewable
No pollution
Dams create lakes for recreation
Most efficient source of energy Dams are very expensive
Must be near large river
Flood control
Drought control
Interrupts highways Hydro power is all natural There is no pollution from hydro power yo nice job pros and cons pros
no pollution
energy can be stored
efficient this is limitless the movie and solar energy is limitless this is recycle and it is renewable cons
large # of solar panels needed
panels unsightly
unreliable source
costly How does this minimize environmental concerns of nonrenewable energy resources (fossil fuels or nuclear)? Explain. solar energy use minimizes concerns of running out of resources for energy because it is renewable! it lasts like forever so it will never runs out but it will run out when the sun explodes but thats like 50000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years away just like the suns rays chip skylarks beauty never ends or runs out No fuels needed No pollution comes
out of the process Expensive pipes and equipment Location of the plant are usually
far from major cites I am DeJango Cave-ins happen Heating buildings Creating electricity without pollution Heat from the mantle comes up to the
crust at tectonic boundaries and heats water
which creates steam which push the turbine
to create electricity.
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