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Satire used in Family Guy

No description

Jany Poche

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Satire used in Family Guy

An example of sarcasm is when Meg was fighting a bully and said "What's the matter Mike? Can't punch a girl in the face?" This is an example of sarcasm because obvious Mike was able to punch her in the face.
An example of irony used would be a discussion that Peter and Brian were having. During this discussion Peter was referring to three male pigs as gay for wanting to live together. However the situation is ironic because during this conversation Peter is undressing himself infront of brian. another male, which is gay.
An example of reversal would be when the family is getting ready to go on a trip and Brian, the dog, is forced to wear a rain coat while Peter, a man, is forced to travel in a dog kennel. This is reversal because usually animals travel in crates and people wear rain coats.
An example of parody is the character of "Judge Judy." This is an example of parody because the show is making fun of the actual Judge Judy by having the Judge Judy character describe herself as "making 45 million dollars a year for yelling at people who have nothing."
An example of incongruity is shown when there is a baby in Meg's locker at school and she shoves it back in and closes the door. This is incongruity because it had absolutely nothing to do with the episode, it was completely random.
An example of hyperbole is when Meg was fighting a bully he "punch her pretty." This is an example of hyperbole because it is impossible to punch someone so hard they become pretty. So, this is obviously an exaggeration.
Satire used in Family Guy
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