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Headway Treatment Centre

No description

Samantha Burger

on 6 December 2016

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Transcript of Headway Treatment Centre

Headway Treatment Centre
"Moving forward."
A residential and outpatient treatment centre catering to youth between the ages of 15-24
Headway Treatment Centre
Mission Statement
Headway treatment centre seeks to provide quality support and treatment to individuals suffering with their mental health, leading them to a more rapid recovery.
Vision Statement
We envision a caring, supportive and unique service that is focused on long term recovery and mental wellness through our program and analysis.
Contact Information
Our Sweetgrass program offers culturally specific programming for First Nations, Inuit, and Metis youth who are struggling with mental health issues. Sweetgrass is operated by a handful of Indigenous staff who are knowledgeable in various cultural specific healing methods and traditional techniques. We work closely with Elders from Indigenous communities across the country to ensure that each client is receiving the best skills to move forward in healing.

Phone: (888) 423-2222
Email:headwaycentre@outlook.com Web: www.makeheadway.com
Core Values

We value safety
We provide a safe and healing environment for our clients and a sense of security for their families and our employees


We encourage diversity and believe everyone should be treated with dignity and respect and we embrace the rights, beliefs and culture of others

Equity, Diversity and innovation

We believe in meeting and respecting mental health needs as well as recognizing and implementing a variety of cultural practices and programs.
We value traditional and holistic perspectives essential to a variety of cultures and their communities
We believe it is important to embrace new ideas and changes to improve the public mental health system in today’s youth.
Programs and Services
Facility Features
Acute mental health in-patient program: We give patients a place to recuperate and recentre while working on an individualized treatment program.
Individual and family therapy on an outpatient basis.
Transitions: A program aimed to ease the transitioning between the children’s mental health system and the adult mental health systems. Outpatient group therapy to individuals who are wait listed. Open for patients 17-21.
LGBTQIA+ Counselling: Outpatient support group for LGBTQIA+ youth.
Crisis Walk-in: Walk-in clinic style held twice weekly. See a counsellor if you’re in crisis or do not have a current counsellor.
Offer alternate schooling environment for patients struggling with mental health issues who cannot attend regular schooling.
Offer legal services: Diversionary programs for offending youth. Victims services as well.
Addiction Services. A detox centre and recovery program are offered for inpatient clients. Outpatient therapy and group services are offered as well.

Our facility is state of the art, offering 8 separate wings. Each wing caters to a specific need and offers 20 beds of in-patient care.
We have a variety of staff from social service workers, liaison teachers, addictions counsellors, legal aids, psychologists to doctors and nurses.
A quiet area where clients can connect with nature and focus on recovery.
By: Karen, Samantha, Brendan, Courtney & Laura
Photos taken from:
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