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Lightning Talk Material for Heat on Wed. #heatonwed

Thank you for watching this prezi. I am Lee, DongYol Lee. This is about social accessibility, which will be my work to do. If you are interested in it, let me know. I am interested in you so much. ;-) http://www.waaotn.net/ http://twitter.com/leedongyol

DongYol Lee

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of Lightning Talk Material for Heat on Wed. #heatonwed

Access @leedongyol IT Acceleration by ebility What Accessibility? SociaL EYE EAR E{YE/AR} + = Live Again! Yea!
Why Accessibility? SociaL How many friends do you have? Internet does what? How many business partners do you have? "it shrinks our world" "into this small!" But people don't be minimized By Internet Mobile Internet 2.x will do this! "Much more smaller than before." By Mobile "So We will be closer more and more!" You can't avoid it.
Prepare to meet aliens! Name: SEKAI KAERU
Years: ?
Health: Alienated
Social Barrier Cultural Barrier Language Barrier Technical Barrier How Can Be Accessible? Yes! The needs is out there.
We need developers busy
to build new technologies
and service. We need "MAD"
entrepreneurs like this man. I am challanging
100% Captioning. waarp arco* "Together" Socially How-to make this Spanish girl smile? What did she say? MyGengo
... Challangers What does she eat? challanger challangers i18N, STANDARDS, APIs, Infra, Localization, Auth, Platforms, and etc. So Many Facebook
... challangers Where are you?
I am here! ? Let's make our world be more accessible!
It's very close and accessble already between computers.
We did it.
Now is people's turn.
Physical disabilities are just a little part of the BIG Pictures. http://www.waaotn.net
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