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Can Animals Think?

No description

Josh Gomez

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Can Animals Think?

By Joshua Gomez Can Animals Think? How are monkeys Similar to us? W K L I know
that animals
can think Who was Charles
Darwin? What is Natural
Selection? Charles Darwin -Charles was born on February 12, 1809 in
Shrewsburry, Shroshire England.
- He was the 5th of 6 kids
His mom died when he was only 8, so his mom
sent him to boarding school.
-After that, he went to the University of Edinburgh to
study medicine, but while he was there he could not stand the sight of blood so he decided to study natural history.
-He started to right books on evolution and eventually scientist Examples
of animals
that think
"Can Animals Think" Washoe
Spoke in
sign language Washoe Orky Orky responds
to problems by
standing on
its head Orky Responds with
judgment Survival of The fittest

What is it? It is the idea
that species and
changed natural selection
with the best suited
mutations becoming dominant

Some animals for example are
the dodo bird and the Galapagos
TMDG CAT Talks about people

Hunting animals Talks more of
animals thinking

Talks about intelligent animals
doing ironic
things Talks
living things
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